Unlocking Sales Potential: The Power of Customizable Lead Stages

Having an overview of where your leads are standing in the lead stages reinforces you to better qualify your leads and unlock sales potential. However, depending on your unique sales process, your sales pipeline may require distinct lead stages. Here, the need for customizable lead stages arises.

Now, just analyze whether your current system comprise the compatibility of defining your prospect-to-customer journey?

If you come up with ‘No’, it’s time to facilitate your system with the power of customizable lead stages. To support this statement, let’s gain an understanding started from what are customizable lead stages and how customizable lead stages help unlock sales potential.

What are Customizable Lead Stages?

Instead of including a definition here, let’s understand this with a real-life use case.

Certainly, the process starts with your marketing team wherein they provide lead data to your sales team. Afterwards, the next step is to reach out to those leads and so your sales team does.

Thus, depending on the conversation that happened with the customer, your sales team puts them in different stages from lead to prospect to opportunity to finally becoming a customer.

However, the above demonstrated are the usual or common lead stages and your unique sales process may require different stages. For instance, concluding – ‘Need Analysis’, Proposal, Demo, Negotiation, etc., could be more specific for your business.

Further, these specific stages help you better align your sales strategy and faster the lead conversion. Here is an in-depth indulgence on how customizable lead stages help unlock sales potential.

How Customizable Lead Stages Help Unlock Sales Potential

Seamless Alignment with Your Sales Process

Customizable stages help you seamlessly align with your sales process wherein you can track each customer in the sales funnel as well as identify the potential areas to work on and improve your sales process to secure more probability of conversion.

For instance, you define lead stages such as – ‘Lead’, ‘Assigned’, and ‘Closed Won/Lose’. Now, your sales team can track how each customer is progressing through the stage and areas to consider working to improve the sales process.

Improved and Personalized Communication

Addressing your specific process, when you customize lead funnel stages, you can segment your customer contacts and strategize the communication accordingly. Thus, you will be able to convey improved and personalized communication with your customers which in turn helps you improve engagement level with your customers and impacts the conversion rate.

For clarity, let's assume that your customized lead stages include ‘Prospect’ in your CRM system. So, this indicates that your customer might be ready to take the demo. Now, your sales team knows how to deal with and pitch them and move them to the next stage i.e. ‘Opportunity’ stage.

Actionable Insights for Informed Decision Making

Once you define customized stages for your sales funnel, you can generate detailed reports and access actionable insights helping you to make informed decisions. This can help you convert more and more leads as well as improve conversion rate.

Considering a use case, if your system is equipped with ‘AI Lead Scoring’ and ‘AI Opportunity Scoring’ functionality, you can have a better idea of which lead should be prioritized first and which should be considered later in case you are receiving bulk leads of data preventing their diversion to your competitor.

Maximized Efficiency

What if a system with the ability of customizable lead stages can help you uplift your efficiency? Yes, you can make it possible by nurturing your leads to move to the next stage. Segmenting customers and running campaigns with a series of emails automated or processed through ‘Workflow’ functionality can certainly help you achieve increased efficiency.

For instance, you can send an automated email to the segmented or a group of customers associated to specific lead funnel stage. This will help your salespeople increase their overall efficiency.

Unlock Your Sales Potential with LionOBytes!

LionOBytes offers a powerful CRM platform comprising AI capabilities to help you acquire in-depth insights into each customer journey, enabling the capability of growth-hacking strategies.

Thus, if you want to create customized stages aligning with your sales process and end-to-end sales goals, talk to our experts. We can help you streamline your lead funnel stages, enable the ‘Workflow Automation’ to maximize efficiency, and equip the ability to send personalized emails that are created through in-built ‘AI Email Writing’ tool in LionO360 system.

To know more about how LionOBytes can help you unlock your sales potential with its ‘Lead Management’ module integrated with ‘Customizable Stages’ and ‘AI capabilities’, connect with us.

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