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How Can the LionO360 Platform Help You?

Advance features of LionO360

  • AI-Based Lead Scoring

    With AI-based Lead Scoring, prioritize leads that are more likely to close.

  • AI-Based Opportunity Scoring

    Ensure higher conversions with AI-configured Opportunity Scoring.

  • Email Sentiment Analysis

    Personalize your customer needs by leveraging Email Sentiment Analysis.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Seamlessly and accurately manage Accounting & Bookkeeping with LionO360.

  • Income & Expense Management

    Effectively record, categorize, and analyze Income & Expenses with LionO360 Finance.

  • Bank Reconciliation & Reporting

    Easily Reconcile Bank Statements with your financial records & generate various reports.

  • Define Workflows

    Get notified about internal events, customer activities, and more by running workflows.

  • Automate Tasks

    Automate repetitive tasks whether time-based or event-based with LionO360 Workflow.

  • Workflow For Reports

    Create workflows to share reports or bulk data files through email attachments.

  • Create Custom Reports

    Easily apply custom queries to generate customer reports with our Saved Searches Module.

  • Edit Saved Search

    Edit your saved searches addressing your timely requirement with LionO360.

  • Share Reports

    Create custom reports and share within your organization for informed decision-making.

  • Quickly Search Data

    Effortlessly get pertained information with the help of LionO360’s Global Search.

  • Efficient Data Retrieval

    Search, retrieve, and access relevant data leveraging Global Search Functionality.

  • Individual Data Insights

    Get an individual lead, account, opportunity, contact, etc. Information with ease.

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Bringing Revolutionary Change Through AI

AI-Driven Insights

Quickly analyze a large volume of data and make informed decisions with AI. Ensure accurate choices and timely decisions for better outcomes.

AI-Based Lead Generation

Analyze and prioritize the quality leads out of the bulk lead data with the help of Generative AI-based lead scoring and opportunity scoring.

Sentiment Analysis

Improve your customer experience with sentiment analysis that leverages NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning).

Workflow Management

Create & define automated workflows, improve productivity, and increase accountability with AI & ML configured Workflow Management.
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Unfold your business capabilities, discover your scaling opportunity, and reveal your growth potential with our AI-based business solution.

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"A Prestigious Product of the Year Award by CUSTOMER Magazine USA | LionO360 CRM."

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"The best CRM systems for your small business 2019"

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"Startup of the Year | Technology Services - GOLD WINNER - LionOBytes | Princeton, NJ USA | Disrupting CRM market with LionO360 platform"

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"Startup of Year | Information Technology Software - GOLD WINNER – LionOBytes | Princeton, NJ USA | The launch of its flagship CRM solution, LionO360"



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