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LionO360 and Shipping Integration

Automate Shipping and Order Fulfillment with LionO360 and Shipping Integration.

Streamline shipping operations, faster your order fulfillment, and drive improved customer experience with LionO360 and Shipping Integration.

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Streamline Shipping Operations

Integrating the LionO360 system and shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and EasyPost can help you simplify and automate your shipping tasks.

With synchronized processes, you can access order status, accurate availability in the warehouse, and overall inventory flow in the supply chain.

Such tasks include order processing to shipping label generation, and managing inventory counts across the distribution level to smoother yet faster order fulfillment.

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Track Shipping in Real-Time

Integrating lionO360 ERP and Shipping carriers can help you sync your inventory items between both of your systems. Further, it enables you to track and monitor the shipping status in real-time, helping you maintain the right stock level in your warehouse.

Thus, system integration can help you optimize your supply chain and streamline your overall shipping management. This will also enable your customers to track the order and shipping status with real-time effectiveness.

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Optimize Shipping Costs

Our seamless integration between LionO360 ERP system and shipping solution can help automate your end-to-end shipping processes which in turn leads to cost savings.

Our integrated system enables you to optimize shipping routes, ensure the right carrier selection, and simplify packaging or labeling that helps minimize your shipping cost.

Moreover, this system integration can help you eliminate manual order processing and hence, it also reduces the associated costs.

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Eliminate Manual Errors

Our seamless integration leaves no space for manually processing your orders. It ensures accuracy in processing orders, managing inventory levels, and ensuring correct label generation preventing shipping wrong products or shipping at wrong addresses.

Eventually, our LionO360 system and shipping solution integration helps boost shipping efficiency while reducing costs that may lie due to inaccuracies in shipment processing.

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