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Business Empowering CRM Solution

Exceed Customer Experience with LionO360

Automate your sales & marketing practices, forecast sales, stimulate your lead generation, and more with LionO360 CRM.

Lead Management

With LionO360, organize your sales processes to effectively drive progress from lead to customer.

Accounts Management

Gain important insight to better manage business relationships with the account in its 360° View.

Opportunity Management

Customize and manage multiple sale funnels to easily adapt to a changing business environment.

Contacts Management

Keep contact information organized and spend more time interacting with them using LionO360 CRM.

Sales Quota & Forecasting

Define Sales Quotas whether by territory or role hierarchy, measure sales performance, and predict sales outcomes.

Document Management

Store important customer related documents at the account level safely and securely.

Case/Request Submission

Allow your customers to submit cases/requests, whether using LionO360 system or via an external source.

Ticket/Case Management

Our Ticket/Case Management empowers your support resources to create, track, and manage cases.

Email to Ticket

With ‘Email to Ticket’ feature, we enable you to streamline your customers' emails and convert their emails into tickets. 

Reporting & Analytics

Our Cases and Help Desk solution equips you with consolidated visibility of your clients' and customers’ cases.

WhatsApp Integration

Enable streamlined communication with your customers and successfully carry out your marketing campaigns through WhatsApp and LionO360 integration.

Automate Your Business with LionO360

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