Our subscription pricing can be availed of per user basis:

- CRM & Service Lite: A basic CRM subscription for small businesses at $19.

- CRM: CRM with enhanced modules for small businesses at $39.

- CRM & ERP Pro: Complete CRM with enterprise solutions for SMBs at $149.

- Enterprise: Complete business management subscription plan for SMBs available on demand.

The link to our pricing page is: pricing

For information on large quantity discounts, please reach out to the Sales & Support team. Contact us directly at contact-support or reach us here +1 609-281-5272 or

LionO360 subscriptions are priced by user. Prices are quoted monthly for CRM and ERP subscriptions with a minimum 1-year commitment. Pricing page: pricing

We have a flat support fee of 100$ up to the first 25 users, after 25 users, its 10% of the subscription cost.

Yes, LionOBytes subscribers receive timely upgrades four to five times a year free of charge. With our Software as a Service model, upgrades are accessed automatically when they become available.

On the main LionO360 login page, there is a forgot password link. Enter your email address and your password will be emailed to that email address. Be sure to enter the email address you used to log into LionO360.

Those with administrative rights in your organization have the ability to make an account inactive so that you do not lose the data.

In LionO360 for leads, accounts, opportunities and the products pages, you can go to the setting and create a “dynamic field” and set up the permissions – what roles have visibility to this field, and you also have the option to activate this field for the mobile app.

LionO360 works best on Google Chrome and is also compatible with other browsers like Microsoft EDGE and Safari although certain features might have performance issues.

Our data support team will import your data exported from other CRM systems. Please contact LionO360 support services for complex data export and import requirements. Contact the support team:

LionO360 does not claim data ownership over the customer information that's entered intoLionO360. The end client always has full ownership of its data. It is housed on Microsoft Azure Servers contracted by LionO360; however, the data is legally owned by the end client and they retain the full rights and privileges that come along with the ownership of it. LionO360 does not inspect, approve, or monitor data that customers upload or save to LionO360. Moreover, LionO360 does not know what kind of data customers choose to store in LionO360.

LionO360 has datacenters services with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure runs in datacenters managed and operated by Microsoft. These geographically dispersed datacenters comply with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and NIST SP 800-53, for security and reliability. The datacenters are managed, monitored, and administered by Microsoft operations staff. The operations staff has years of experience in delivering the world’s largest online services with high availability.

Access to customer data by LionO360 operations and support personnel is denied by default. The access-control requirements are established by the following LionO360 security policy:

· No access to customer data, by default

· No user or administrator accounts on customer virtual machines (VMs)

· Grant the least privilege that's required to complete task, audit and log access requests

Microsoft Azure helps ensure that data is protected if there is a cyberattack or physical damage to a datacenter. LionO360 has opted for in-country/in-region storage for compliance or latency considerations. Data can be replicated within a selected geographic area for redundancy but cannot be transmitted outside it. LionO360 has multiple options for replicating data, including the number of copies and the number and location of replication datacenters.

Our infrastructure is designed with salability in mind. It's seamless to expand upon, and we already have more than enough infrastructure in place to support large enterprise clients, both existing and potential. LionO360 is designed to grow with your company and contribute to your organization’s success.

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