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LionO360 & nopCommerce Integration

Simplified E-Commerce with LionO360 and nopCommerce Integration

Extend your e-commerce capabilities and impact your revenue outcomes with LionO360 Platform and nopCommerce Integration.

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Effectively Manage Your Sales Pipeline

nopCommerce and LionO360 integration can enable you to effectively manage and carry out your sales practices. Enhance collaboration between your sales and marketing team ensuring improved efficiency across your sales pipeline.

Streamline and know the flow across your sales movements and seamlessly know your order status and payment information. Keep tracking your customer interactions, monitor what’s happening in your sales pipeline, and stay updated with potential sales opportunities.

Based on your eCommerce or sales activities, forecast your sales data in CRM empowering sales managers or key salespersons in your organization to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

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Streamline Your eCommerce

Automate your process flow from order creation to invoicing to order fulfillment, once you integrate your LionO360 CRM/ERP system with nopCommerce eCommerce platform. Synchronize order information and faster your order fulfillment enabling you to drive improved efficiency and effectively align your production line.

Eliminate manual intervention to prevent potential errors while processing orders and ensuring customer fulfillment by integrating processes between both your systems. Provide accurate shipping and tracking details to your customers, helping to generate customer trust and loyalty.

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Deliver Personalized Customer Experience

Leverage LionO360 and nopCommerce integration enabling your customer to track their order status and shipping details in real-time along with the expected fulfillment date. Also, provide them with quick yet better support.

Access and track your customers’ communication in real-time and serve them personalized deals that they anticipate. This will help you provide a personalized experience for your customers while impacting their retention rate.

CRM With Lead Management

Obtain Reports & Analytics

Integrating your nopCommerce account with ERP/CRM platform will help you acquire various reports and analytics. Activities and transactions made in your nopCommerce account can be synchronized and accessed in your CRM system to generate reports on sales performance, inventory levels, and other key metrics.

Accessing and leveraging these key insights in real-time can help you make productive and efficient decisions in a timely manner.

Moreover, leveraging these analytics can help you reinforce your sales and marketing campaigns as well as improve your customer experience considering their preferences and past activities/transactions.

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