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CRM software is used to manage your customer data which is directly related to your sales, marketing, and customer support processes. Based on real-time customer reports, you can make informed decisions supporting your business to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

CRM can help you improve/level up your customer experience, increase efficiency, ensure better sales alignment, offer improved customer service, and drive informed decision-making. This in turn helps businesses improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce overall business costs.

Yes, CRM software can be beneficial for your business indeed. Using CRM software, you can centralize your data and improve visibility across your sales, sales, marketing, and operations to reinforce data-driven decisions. This in turn can help impact productivity and enhance efficiency.

Moreover, CRM can also help you fuel up customer acquisition, streamline the sales cycle, automate workflow, faster conversions, and drive competitive advantage.

LionO360 CRM comes with several features such as Lead Management, Accounts Management, Opportunity Management, Contact Management, Goals & Forecasting, Case/Request Submission, Ticket/Case Management, Email to Ticket, and Reporting & Analytics.

For faster lead conversion, LionO360 CRM is equipped with AI-based lead scoring and AI-based customer grading wrapped with a single view of missing information that helps to make instant decisions.

Moreover, you can also create and assign tasks by lead/opportunity stages as per defined user roles and access to channels, etc.

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Yes, you can customize your CRM software tailored to your unique business needs. From deploying custom fields to synchronizing custom fields when integrated with third-party software, CRM can be customized to fit your business needs.

LionO360 CRM is a fully cloud-based CRM.

LionO360 CRM can be integrated seamlessly and securely with almost all third-party tools or software.

Yes, we offer seamless, quick, and reliable support for our CRM software.

Yes, LionO360 CRM is designed with customer support features that allow your customers to raise their requests and submit their cases easily. With email-to-ticket functionality, our system allows converting your customer emails into tickets.

Certainly, before making a purchase, you can try out our LionO360 CRM.

Yes, LionO360 CRM comes with both the web and app versions.

LionO360 CRM is designed with security measures such as multi-factor authentication that ensures secure and seamless data access and data transmission.

LionO360 CRM software enables you to access various levels of lead reports, opportunity reports, user activity, and more, helping you to make strategic yet informed decisions.

Our experts can securely and seamlessly import your customer into LionO360 CRM potentially, thus ensuring seamless and secure data migration. Do reach out to acquire further information.

We frequently come up with new feature releases to support your growing business needs and your system gets updated automatically with each feature upgrade once we deploy.

Your subscription cost is determined based on various terms you acquire such as number of user licenses, feature/module add-ons, level of customization, third-party integration, cases & helpdesk services, and the list goes on as per your unique business needs.

The additional cost is determined as per additional services that you ask to support your unique process flow.

Moreover, we never charge hidden fees and remain transparent throughout a lifelong association with you.

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