Maximizing Efficiency: How LionO360's AI Boosts Productivity

Software Enhances Customer Satisfaction

In recent years, the evolution of AI opened several ways for businesses seeking to improve their business capabilities and increase their efficiency level. The foremost things that encouraged this evolution are process automation, data & predictive analysis, cost reduction, improved customer experience, personalization, enhanced security, and the list goes on.

So far, the evolution of AI is a continuous process to streamline business practices and impact business growth. However, the adoption of AI is still not being leveraged to its fullest.

In the words of Gartner, 30% or more CIOs are employing AI but only 10% of CEOs are leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a strategic way.

Here at LionOBytes, we can help you with the right strategic implementation of AI to boost productivity. So, considering the rising technology advancement and adoption, this blog is curated to understand how businesses can leverage AI to level up their process flow, maximize customer experience, and increase conversions.

Now, let’s enlighten how LionO360’s AI can help you boost your productivity and increase your efficiency.

How LionO360’s AI Boosts Productivity

AI Lead Scoring

Software Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Imagine that your sales and marketing teams are acquiring the bulk leads of data on a steady basis. Such lead data may comprise both relevant and irrelevant leads. Now, coming up merely with relevant leads using a manual way requires cumbersome time and effort.

Since your sales team needs to connect with each lead in a sequence. Meanwhile, they may lose quality leads due to not prioritizing them in a timely manner and consequently, the prospect lead may get diverted toward your competitors. Eventually, you are losing business due to a lack of an adequate system and advanced technological tools and practices.

With the inclusion of AI in your CRM, you can effortlessly separate your quality leads from non-quality leads. Moreover, there could also be a possibility that a lead today is not a considerable quality lead but may convert into quality leads in the future. So, there is a significant need to identify the quality leads as well as prioritize them to ensure effectiveness and increase conversions.

When it comes to LionO360 CRM, our system is configured with AI lead scoring capability that helps you optimize your sales leads data, impact your sales pipeline, and improve your sales conversions.

Our system automatically generates a score for each lead out of 100 and this score can help you determine whether the lead is a quality lead or not. Further, based on those lead scores, you can decide whether to prioritize the lead or not.

Not merely you acquire an automated lead score, our system can also generate a grade for each customer to determine the customer's eligibility. Based on the customer eligibility grade, you can make an informed decision about whether the customer has an ideal customer profile or not.

Now, let’s understand how this lead score and customer eligibility work in the backend. So, when you fill in lead information in your system, you are asked to input your lead information including time zone, currency, job function, number of employees, annual revenue, ownership type, industry they belong to, and more.

Based on this information, you can decide whether to continue with the lead or not. For instance, if the lead doesn’t belong to the geographical areas in which you operate, your system will generate the lowest grade to that lead.

In reverse, when your lead gets qualified as per your defined parameters, the next step is to check the lead’s score which helps you diagnose whether and when to prioritize the lead by your sales team. This score can be generated based on your interaction level and email communication with your customer so far.

AI Opportunity Scoring

Software Enhances Customer Satisfaction

When your lead performs well and turns into a customer account in your system and then reaches the opportunity stage, you can again track your customer eligibility as well as opportunity score. Based on customer eligibility grading and scoring at the opportunity level, your sales team can prioritize their energy and efforts accordingly.

Now, let's understand how our grading and opportunity scoring CRM works. So, here is a need to understand that if your lead is turning to opportunity then there is a probability of conversion but again, there is also a chance of opportunity back out.

With the help of LionO360 CRM, you can easily identify customer eligibility based on customer grading generated automatically in the system on behalf of anticipated project value or amount of expected business from the customer.

Thus, instead of focusing on all the available opportunity accounts, you will now be able to focus merely on opportunities that comprise sound business value and are more likely to be converted.

Email Sentiment Analysis

Software Enhances Customer Satisfaction

To simplify and improve your customer experience, email sentiment analysis is a way that determine whether the conversation with the customer is neutral, positive, or negative without even reading the whole conversation or opening the email associated with your customer.

In LionO360 CRM, sentiment labels are added automatically to your customer emails or customer conversations helping you identify how customers are responding or sounding about your products or services.

For instance, if your customer is complaining about something, you can easily identify with a negative sentiment label without even opening or reading the whole email. Based on sentiment analysis, you can even categorize or divide your service team to respond to your customers accordingly. This will ensure improved efficiency and productivity of your support team.

Generative AI

Software Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Often you need to draft emails to your customers, and this keeps you reserved more into typing the emails instead of serving better support to your customers. But yeah, with the help of Generative AI, you can generate your customer emails as well as enable automation to ensure sending them during a fixed event occurring or to support time-bound situations.

With LionO360 CRM, we facilitate you with generative AI or AI email writing capability wherein you can generate your customer emails by simply typing the ‘email purpose’. You can also generate customer responses as well as customer follow-up emails. This enables you to focus more on serving customers, which in turn helps you improve your productivity and level up your efficiency.

Further, by creating and running workflows in our LionO360 CRM, you can schedule your email sending, responding, and follow-ups. For instance, if you want to send a welcome email to your customers, this can be implemented by creating an event-based workflow.

Similarly, when there is a need to respond to your customer's concerns or queries, you can schedule the auto-generated email created using the AI email writing tool and automated by applying workflows. You can also generate a common follow-up email to ensure seamless interaction with your prospects or customer base.

Summing Up!

Thus, you can see how AI plays an essential role in your CRM. Further, it helps you maximize your efficiency and boosts productivity. To know how the AI capabilities of our LionO360 CRM can help you improve your operational capabilities, contact our experts today.

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