Simplifying Inventory Control: Best Practices for Serial Number Management.

Tracking and managing products can lead to a complex process. For a seamless process, serial number management can enable transparency across your inventory flow.

So, if your system still lacks serial number management capability, it’s time to embark on it without waiting anymore.

Certainly, having sound visibility into your end-to-end inventory flow can help uplift efficiency while tracking and managing the inventory levels, and can also help in aligning with the right inventory flow.

Obviously, you may not miss this worthy deal wherein you can leave all your inventory-allied worries on a system configured with inventory control software that can help you effectively align with your stock control and management practices.

In simple terms, the serial number management system helps you manage the complete life cycle of a product. It requires seamless efforts from assigning and managing serial numbers through stages like creating purchase orders or sales orders as well as while receiving the lots in your warehouses.

With this, if you are serious about tracking and managing your inventory flow, getting equipped with the serial number management solution can help you elevate the process of inventory tracking and monitoring.

Well, with this statement, if you haven’t melted yet, we recommend reading this blog till the end. This in turn will give more clarity on how you can simplify your inventory control practices and what practices can be imbibed to carry out such.

Best Practice to Simplify Inventory Control Through Serial Number Management

If your production range belongs to electronic or appliance items, then it becomes imperative to assign a unique ID to each product item i.e. serial number.

Assigning serial numbers can help simplify the overall inventory flow as well as enable you to effectively track or trace the inventory line from receiving in your warehouse to shelf distribution to customer delivery to product recalling or ensuring service call.

If anything above belongs to you, here is a complete know-how about using best practices for inventory control using Serial Number Management equipped in your CRM/ERP system.

Assigning Unique Serial Number

Things can get simplified when you give identity to each product through serial number assignment. Once assigned, you can streamline the product life cycle, manifold your customer experience, and ensure efficient workflow. For real-world understanding, let’s include a related use case here.

Let's say you have delivered a Lot comprising electronic or appliance products wherein each item is assigned with unique serial number.

Now, afterward the delivery, if a certain issue or fault is raised by the customer, then it can be considered potentially in all the items associated with that specific Lot, which is further associated with the specific production line.

Here, serial numbers make product recall easy if there is a need to correct the products associated with a specific Lot in case the customer requests for the product return, exchange, or replacement.

Integrating Barcode Scanner

Once serial numbers are assigned to each product, the next step is to keep and manage a record of each product assigned with a unique serial number. Further, this can be done using Barcode Scanner helps to automate the process of capturing the serial numbers and storing the related product information in the system.

In the LionO360 system, you can leverage both the serial number management and barcode scanner functionality to drive seamless, productive, and efficient experience across your warehousing unit.

Optimize Inventory Flow

To serve your customers better, it is crucial to have eyes across your inventory flow. For instance, having end-to-end information about stock levels in the warehouse, items traveling to logistics for customer delivery, and items delivered to the customer for recall or customer service potential, etc.

With the LionO360 system, you can effectively track the flow of your inventory levels available across your warehouses, inventories on the way, delivered to the customers, and claimed for further service.

Another awesome deal is that our system offers to maintain the right number of stocks on your warehousing shelves. For instance, you can plan to sell products near expiry first and later those products that have later expiry dates.

Thus, you can see how our system makes things easy for you so that you can maintain the right flow across your inventory levels.

Streamlined Workflow Across Departments

Well, your inventory practices are controlled through several departments within your organization, and you can count on our inventory control software that establishes the capability to ensure so.

Certainly, from sales to procurement, warehousing to customer service departments, you can ensure seamless and effective collaboration across.

It’s simple indeed, imbibing LionO360 ERP integrated with serial number management capabilities, you can bring seamless collaboration across your departments whereby everyone there can access the information they require to process some action.

Now, let us enlighten this through a use case.

So, if you are reading this blog, you certainly have a different department wherein you need to quickly bring team collaboration and seamless process amalgamation. Such departments may have marketing, sales, field operations, warehousing, supply chain, and more.

Now, once your customer places an order, your warehousing team will assign a serial number to the sales order. So, you will see how assigning serial number to that sold product can simplify the process.

Your supply chain team can now track the order progress using the serial number, the warehousing team can manage inventory levels accordingly, and the support team can provide support by fetching all the item details associated with that serial number.

Here, no single person needs to stay dependent on others. Everyone in your organization can efficiently track the inventory flow and carry out their next action.

Regulatory Compliance

Serial numbers play a crucial role in ensuring compliance across your regulatory requirements. From stocking or restocking the inventory levels to the distribution stage to even post-customer delivery.

Thus, if you are willing to acquire success in global supply and demand management, the serial number management system can help you streamline your distribution and control in the geolocations that you deal with.

Simplify Inventory Control with LionOBytes!

With LionOBytes, start simplifying your inventory control. Effectively track and manage the end-to-end cycle of each product you deal with. To know more about how serial number management can help achieve a streamlined inventory flow, connect and schedule demo with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inventory control by serial numbers?

Inventory control by serial numbers is all about assigning a unique number to each inventory item to be identified throughout the product life cycle ensures traceability easy for seamless distribution and improved customer service.

How does serial number tracking work?

Bringing the capability of tracking items requires assigning a unique serial number to each inventory item. Now, you can track the inventory life cycle whether the inventory is sold to the customer, in the distribution process, or recall process.

Thus, streamlining the end-to-end inventory flow which in turn can help you improve your product offering and customer service level. At LionOBytes, you can enjoy the serial number management capability integrated with LionO360 ERP.

What are the benefits of serial number management in an ERP system?

Using serial number management, you can enjoy several business benefits:

  • Ensure improved inventory accuracy.
  • Simplify product traceability and visibility.
  • Enhance customer experience with effortless service and product recall.
  • Reinforce regulatory compliance.
  • Streamline the inventory flow throughout the product life cycle.
  • Make informed decisions with centralized data access using Serial Number Management.

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