Serial Number Management

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Serial Number Management

Efficient traceability with LionO360 Serial Number Management

Optimize your production line and boost your warehousing efficiency with LionO360 Serial Number Management.

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Track Items at Every Stage

Assign a serial number to each inventory item associated with a specific Lot number allowing you to track each inventory individually at any level of inventory flow using a serial number.

Quickly scan and process multiple serial numbers simultaneously while generating sales orders, invoices, and credit memos simplifying the tracking and optimizing handling of serial numbers.

With serial number input, efficiently track the associated lot number, revision number, expiration date, and bin number. Our serial number management functionality helps you track, manage, and monitor your end-to-end inventory flow from the manufacturing stage to customer delivery.

LionO360 CRM

Monitor and Ensure Quality Conduct

Simplify your inventory pipeline with our ERP solution. Accurately know your inventory information and precise inventory flow with a 360-degree view. Our LionO360 ERP is facilitated to track and monitor inventory levels using a serial number.

It also enables you to track the product expiry dates as well as helps you manage warranty claims and effectively drive product quality conduct.

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Get Inventory Details with a Single Click

Leveraging serial number management functionality, you can seamlessly get all the product information at just a single click including lot number, revision number, and expiry date. Leveraging this information, you can monitor and control your inventory as well as effectively deal with near to expiry products.

Utilizing serial number facilitation in your ERP system enables better control over the stock in real-time as you can restock the items across your warehouse at the right time.

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Effective Traceability

LionO360 ERP’s Serial Number Management module offers end-to-end traceability wherein once you assign a serial number, it can be traced at every level of product movement starting from the origin point to across the distribution channels to the customers.

Leveraging the serial number demonstrated on each purchase record, especially for electronic items, you can ensure serving seamless customer warranties as well as product recalls can be managed confidently.

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Improved Accuracy

Bring accuracy to your stock control by leveraging our unified LionO360 ERP solution. Every serial number is associated with an individual product’s expiry dates, helping to determine which products should be sold first and which should be sold later to prevent wastage.

Implementing serial number functionality in your system allows tracking notes throughout the shipment process and even during post-customer delivery, ensuring improved customer service.

LionO360 CRM

Streamline Inventory Management

Eliminate the need for manually receiving and adding multiple inventory items to your warehouse. Simplify your inventory adding, scanning, and tracking while receiving bulk inventory items through bills and RPO as well as selling the same to the customers.

Additionally, serial numbers can also be added during inventory transfer and inventory adjustment process ensuring optimized tracking and management.

With LionO360, you can also leverage the bulk import functionality for multiple POS and inventory items all through a single file encouraging increased efficiency level and improved productivity.

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