WhatsApp and LionO360 System Integration: A Game-Changer for Growing Businesses.

Are you in search of a game-changer deal for your growing business? Certainly, CRM and WhatsApp integration can help, thus, this blog is curated around.

In today’s fast-paced business space, Improving Customer Experience at the personalized level is the primary need for every business. Lacking or not considering this can lead to a dissatisfied customer base.

Thus, streamlining CX (Customer Experience) is a must-have deal. Certainly, using CRM, you can better manage your customers, enrich customer acquisition, and increase your conversion rates.

Moreover, you also cannot deny the customer preferences in terms of adopting user-specific platforms or tools. That's where the WhatsApp CRM integration takes place.

Since modern customers believe in user-friendly platforms, WhatsApp is the quietest common and widely used platform. It didn’t remain just a social chatting platform anymore.

Even many businesses are not just limiting their business to native mobile apps, they are taking recourse to social platforms.

In the words of Gartner, customer service-based businesses will start abandoning native mobile apps just to improve their customer messaging or serve a better experience to their customers.

Further, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner Customer Support & Services- ‘Philip Jenkins’ continues that third-party messaging applications like Facebook, WeChat, and WhatsApp are actively being adopted by the global market.

When these apps are integrated with the CRM or ERP system, it can be a game-changer deal for small businesses. Thus, here we are revealing a complete overview of WhatsApp and the LionO360 system integration.

How Can WhatsApp and LionO360 System Integration Help Achieve Success in Your Growing Business?

When it comes to WhatsApp and LionO360 system integration, it offers crucial functional capability helping your business to effectively communicate with customers and serve them personalized solutions.

This in turn helps to optimize listening to your customers’ needs and pains and provide them with better support and services.

Here is how LionO360 CRM with WhatsApp integration can help you reinforce your growing business:

Centralized Data

Integrating WhatsApp in your LionO360 CRM helps you with centralized data wherein you access all your customer interactions directly from LionO360 CRM eliminating the need to switch between platforms. This in turn enhances efficiency and improves the productivity level of your customer service and support team.

To gain an in-depth understanding, let’s indulge in it through a use case.

Let’s assume your support team is driving a campaign wherein they want to offer special discounts to the existing customer base. Here, with centralized customer data, everyone in your customer service team will be able to access the customer interactions and chat history, enabling them to serve them personalized as per their level of association with them.

You can also create customized contact lists to run specific marketing campaigns serving different purposes or marketing goals. To ensure so, our system allows you to create custom templates addressing your specific marketing campaign and wrap them with specific content that you want to convey to your customers. Such content could be images, gifs, videos, etc.

Improve Customer Communication

Connecting with customers on their familiar channel enhances the chances of improved and seamless communication with customers. When you integrate CRM with WhatsApp, you can engage with your customers more effectively and conveniently.

With this system integration, you can send personalized messages (whether individually or in bulk), promotional content, or updates directly using the LionO360 account to your customer’s WhatsApp account.

All you need is to create a template once enriched with text that can be sent to your customer or group of customers by combining the relevant images, gifs, and video files depending on your customers' personalized needs.

You can even allow your customers to reply to your messages or drop-down menu, send emojis, etc., which in turn helps uplift the engagement level with customers.

Streamlined Workflows

Bringing seamless communication across your sales, service, and support departments can ensure campaign success as everyone in your organization will be able to access and leverage the information in real-time, ensuring effective collaboration impacting productivity, and streamlining the overall workflow in your organization.

Enhanced Customer Service

Now, your support team can be more responsive to customer support and services. They can promptly take care of customer queries, issues, or feedback which in turn helps drive customer satisfaction and impact retention rate.

With WhatsApp and LionO360 CRM integration, you can easily enable your customer to click on the provided web URL or contact number. It also simplifies messaging your customers by leveraging drop-down menus whereby you can offer options to your customers or know their preferences out of them.

Seamless Data Insights

Data insights can help you know your customers' behavior, their anticipations, level of interest, etc., enabling your team to make informed decisions.

Utilizing LionO360 and WhatsApp CRM integration, you can access the end-to-end chat that happened with each of your customers. This in turn enables your service and support team to make effective decisions, identify growth-hacking opportunities, and define better marketing strategies.

LionO360 CRM with WhatsApp Integration equips you with a complete chat history of customers that helps and enables your service and support team to decide what step should be taken further whether for customer acquisition or retention.

Willing to Reinforce Your Growing Business Needs? Choose WhatsApp and LionO360 WhatsApp Integration!

Serving personalization is the timely need to drive improved customer experience. Considering today’s competitive edge, one cannot deny increasing the level of customer experience, which is directly related to improved productivity, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.

Thinking of adopting game-changer abilities in your business? Embracing LionO360 CRM and WhatsApp integration can truly help. To have more information on this, we are here to serve. Connect with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does WhatsApp and CRM Integration work?

Integrating WhatsApp and CRM allows businesses to streamline their customer communications, effectively manage customer interactions, and improve customer experience with centralized data within the CRM/ERP systems.

What are the benefits of integrating WhatsApp with CRM/ERP systems?

Once you integrate WhatsApp and CRM/ERP systems, you can manage your customer relationships more effectively, support them when they are in need, and quickly make informed decisions that help drive customer acquisition and support customer retention strategies.

How can businesses leverage WhatsApp integration for marketing and sales?

Businesses can leverage WhatsApp integration to uplift their customer experience by sending promotional messages, customer-curated texts, discounted deals, etc., directly to customers’ WhatsApp accounts using CRM system.

Leveraging this integration, the sales and marketing team can drive targeted customer engagement, increase customer experience, and maximize their sales.

Which type of data can be captured and stored with WhatsApp and LionO360 system integration?

When you integrate your WhatsApp business account with the LionO360 system, it allows you to capture and store different types of data such as chat messages, attachments, metadata, etc. To obtain more information, connect with experts at LionOBytes.

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