Top 5 CRM Trends for 2021


CRM was worth almost $50 billion in 2018. CRM is customer relationship management and is one of the best ways to manage and communicate with prospects and clients in your business. Every business should have CRM software that helps them get ahead of the curve and drive revenue growth. This is why it's important to know about the best CRM trends and what is expected in 2021.

Here's a guide on the top CRM trends for 2021:

1. Customer Experience

The customer experience is the quintessential part of any CRM. If your business isn't providing a unique customer experience, you need to focus on that to create lifelong customers. When you're able to create personalized experiences for customers, you're able to reach more customers. You're able to talk to customers who are on different pinpoints in their journey. You want to enhance their experience by creating emails and content that is tailored to their experience.

The rise of personalization in 2021 will be huge for CRM and your business. It's an opportunity that can help you segment your audience, and communicate better with your target market. You can figure out and address a target market's pain points without losing customers who are unsatisfied with your response. Ultimately, the more you understand your target market, the better you'll be able to understand their needs. You'll be able to respond quickly and operate your business more efficiently.

2. How It Integrates

As CRM continues to develop in 2021, one of the changes you'll notice is how it's able to integrate easily with software. You'll be able to notice how it helps you find software that keeps track of the customer journey. For example, you can connect your CRM with email marketing that helps you accumulate and record the information of your leads. This allows you to put your leads into a sequence that nurtures them and tells them about your business.

Another feature of CRM is how it will be able to integrate with marketing automation. This means it tells you when customers are on a landing page. It gives you an idea of when to talk to the customers when they are going through your marketing funnel. CRM integration is critical if you want your business to be more efficient. With 2021 just beginning, it will be critical to see how CRM integration continues to develop.

3. The Future of Mobile

Another key CRM trend is how it's able to capture customer touches on mobile. If a customer is visiting a website, you want to be able to see what they are interacting with and how responsive your website is to your customers. The future of mobile ties with CRM because it also gives you an idea of where, when, and how your customers are interacting with your business via a mobile device.

It will also help companies see real-time data when they look at CRM software on their phone or tablets. For example, sales and marketing teams will be able to align because there's a consistent idea of what the customer is doing. Sales and marketing will have the same data and can come up with solutions together.

4. Automation

Automation is continuing to make things more productive for employees and businesses. It takes contact information and puts them in a sales cycle. This helps automate lead tasks. It takes a lead through a funnel and makes it more personalized for them based on their decision. You'll also see new insights and data that can help companies make more informed decisions based on how customers are interacting with voice technology. Ultimately, you'll see how automation technology is implanted into businesses so that it easily integrates with CRM.

5. Analytics and AI

The final trend to be aware of when it comes to CRM trends in 2021 is the evolution of analytics. One of the best ways that CRM will be able to help companies in sales and marketing is by predicting the behavior of customers. There will be more insight into how customers are interacting with your website and what they are doing differently. CRM analytics that you should keep an eye on is predictive analytics. This helps you assess what customers will be doing throughout the year when they are interacting with your business.

With enhanced analytics, you will help you drive more growth into your business. You'll be able to assess what the customers are doing in their journey on your website. For example, you will be create winning marketing and sales strategies that are aligned. AI will also be a part of CRM trends in 2021. CRM will continue to provide insights into customer behavior as well as look at buying patterns throughout the year in your business. With the power of AI and analytics, your business can anticipate the needs of your customers and convert more sales.

Now You Know the Best CRM for Small Business

CRM trends 2021 is critical information to know if you want to understand your customers better. If you want to know how customers are changing and what their behavior is like on your website, you need to know these CRM trends. When you stay on top of CRM and how it continues to change, it can also help your marketing and sales team adapt to the needs of the customers. It can help you figure out where to meet the pain points of your customers.

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