The Industry Transformation: The Impact of Field Service Management Software

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If your business imbibes day-to-day field operations, you comprise an additional layer of a complex process that requires an additional software solution to be managed seamlessly and effectively. Initially, you can take recourse to a manual way to manage and drive your field service operations but once your business starts growing, you cannot deny implementing field service management software (FSM).

A few years back, there was a myth that business solutions like ERP, CRM, and FSM are built for large to mid-sized businesses merely. Later, many modern businesses started upgrading their system with these business solutions, and they could see visible growth in the very initial years while lowering their costs.

The major reason behind this myth could be the implementation and support cost of these solutions. However, irrespective of major market leaders, finding a cost-effective business solution is no longer a complex deal these days.

Considering your small business needs, feature requirements, and budget, you can search for a dedicated business solution provider to implement and upgrade your system with small business field service software. And that too should be highly personalized and equipped with a feature set to help you reinforce your business pillars.

However, for startups and small businesses, adopting field service management solutions could be a proven milestone to bring effectiveness, increase productivity, and reduce the cost associated with field service operations.

A decade back, businesses were mainly focused on adopting CRM and ERP solutions. They used to drive their field operations manually which requires additional resources, cost, and energy. Later, we could see a gradual adoption of FSM solutions and its impact on diverse industries.

Many businesses, those who intended to simplify their field operations, reduce cost, and maximize efficiency have already started implementing field service solutions. Not merely, large-scale businesses even small-sized businesses to startups have commenced driving efficiency with the help of Field Service Management Software.

According to Allied Market Research, the field service management market was valued at USD 5.2 billion globally in the year 2021 which is further anticipated to reach USD 29.9 billion by the year 2031 at a CAGR rate of 19.2% for the period of 2022 to 2031.

Impact of Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management is crucial for customer success distinctively in different industries. Ignoring smart field operations in today’s world may not help you drive customers and efficiency. Moreover, you cannot deny the fact that ensuring customer satisfaction these days is a complex process in the lack of the right tool or technology adoption.

Since modern customers are surrounded with options of products & services wherein smart technological advancement can help you know your customers’ timely needs and serve them accordingly. Eventually, with the help of FSM solution, you can improve your customer retention.

So, let’s reveal how FSM software is transforming the industry.

Mobile Solutions

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Gone are the days when field executives used to visit customers based on the manually created list of customers and the field manager wasn’t able to track or monitor them in real-time. With the inclusion of mobile-based field solutions, you can enable your field representatives to follow the route (which comes in a specific territory) created automatically for defined customer locations using mobile devices.

So, you can plan specific routes for your field executives as well as monitor them in real-time. The FSM system also simplifies the way of tracking your field executives when they check-in or check-out the customer location within the defined radius.

Thus, we can see how Field Service Management software is helping different industries to track and monitor the performance of their field executives while increasing work efficiency as well as overall productivity.

Process Automation

A shift from manual way to automation in managing field operations encouraged greater industrial transformation. Considering the changing customer behavior and their anticipations, organizations comprised of field service operations are gradually adopting automation in their field practices.

Automation in field operations helps businesses to automate route creation and automatically prompt questionnaires when your representative is at a customer location. Automation in your field service helps save time and energy of your field executives as well as promotes their productivity.

Considering the rising need for automation in field service practices, current FSM vendors are focusing on AI-based features and functional navigation to automate field practices while reducing the scope of errors and inefficiencies.

Workforce Connectivity 

Every successful field campaign requires seamless collaboration and connectivity between your floor employees and field representatives. Here, FSM software plays a vital role as it can effectively connect your backend workforce with the field workforce to work collaboratively while ensuring every single update in real-time.

Field managers can also remain connected with their field executives and can gain real-time status of field activity such as when their executives check-in or checkout the customers' locations and when they submit the questionnaires, etc.

This can help them know the actual status of each of their field representatives in real-time and gain customer feedback based on questionnaires submitted by their field executives.

Data Visibility in Real-Time

With the continuous evolution of smart mobile devices or tablets, Field Service Management Solution is developed and is continuously being evolved by modern FSM vendors to address the growing needs of field operations in different business domains and industries. When enabled on mobile devices, FSM solutions can be leveraged for improved data visibility.

For instance, field managers can prompt questionnaires with real-time efficiency on their executives’ devices once they check-in at the customer location and the executives can easily access the same as well as get the questionnaire filled by the customers.

Field Monitoring & Analysis

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Real-time reporting and analytics related to your field activities can help you stay updated with what’s happening in your field operations and what is next to be focused on. Field managers can track and measure the assigned work of their field executives. They can know the actual status of their fieldwork in real-time.

For instance, how many customer locations are visited, the number of questionnaires filled, the number of work orders created, etc. Apart from this, you can even know at what time the executive check-in to the customer location and what time performs check-out.

In case you are enabling your representative to perform customer visits within a particular area wherein your customers are available, you can stay updated with how many customer visits are performed in a day out of them followed by a scheduled route.

How LionOBytes can Help You Improve Our Customer Experience Through LionO360 FSM?

Whether you are a small business or a startup organization, keeping your customers engaged and serving them when they are in need is your topmost priority. And Field Service Management is one of the ways through which you engage your customers, know their pain areas, and improve your services based on your customer feedback. However, performing such field activities manually may not help you attain your field goals.

Thus, LionOBytes has a seamless solution for you. Our LionO360 Field Service Management Solution is designed while considering the needs of small businesses and the challenges they face while performing their field activities. Our Field Service Management Software for small businesses embraces essential features wherein you can assign tasks for your field representatives using the web version and allow your field representatives to execute the same using the mobile version.

Some of our FSM features include territory management, automated route creation, executive check-in/check-out within a defined radius, prompting questionnaires when your executive is at customer locations, submitting the feedback in real-time, and gaining real-time field activity updates.

Thus, if your business comprises field operations, and you are looking for small business field service software, we are here to help you. We can upgrade your system capabilities with our Field Service Management Software solution to improve your customer experience, increase efficiency, and drive productivity.

To know more about our Field Service Management Software and how it can help you improve your field operations, contact us today.

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