7 Smart Tips to Stay Productive This Summer

Why should the dog days of summer slow you down at work? Summer is a great time to reset your work priorities, outline new goals, and inspire new successes. By nurturing a productive summer mindset, you can avoid the summer slump that so many employers and employees experience at this time. While it can be challenging to stay motivated on budgets, sales, and marketing plans when your friends and colleagues are posting their summer vacation photos all over social media, there are some tips you can rely on to stay productive all season long. We've gathered seven ways to boost your productivity this summer so you can keep your career sizzling and sales hot!


Set Summer Goals

Creating special summer workplace goals along with actionable plans to achieve them will help you keep your productivity on track. While other employees may be ‘phoning it in’ during the summer months, counting the days til their scheduled vacation, you can invigorate your work days with something exciting to work on. Discuss some potential summer projects with your supervisor or, if you’re in a position of management, consider developing a new seasonal marketing campaign, conduct a deep audit of competitors, or eliminate your backlog (so you can start the fall with a clean slate).


Revamp Your Space


Traveling to a new place can be inspiring, but if you’re heading into the office each day this summer, you may not experience the motivating boost that can occur with travel. You can, however, change your scenery. Inspire a new office mood and positive ambience with some decorative changes to your space. Change the photos in your picture frames. Change your screensaver and coffee mug. Introduce a new plant or two to your office. Even small decorative changes can lend a refreshing touch to your setting and inspire you to stay focused on your tasks.


Introduce New Tools

Devote some time this summer to investigating new tech tools that can help you and even your colleagues to be more productive. There are likely a myriad of tools that you can use to automate many of your workplace processes. By researching what’s new and exciting in the world of tech, you can then begin to introduce some new tools and resources to your workplace. Not only can customer relationship management tools boost productivity; they can help you market yourself as a tech-savvy employee who is highly motivated to help everyone else on the team stay motivated too.


Insist on Work-Life Balance

You’ll be less likely to dream about relaxing on the beach if you give yourself permission during your non-work hours to visit the nearby beach or pool. Use your free time to recharge so that you don’t show up at work feeling lethargic, burnt out, and pining for something more fun to do. Whether you go bike riding after work or hit the golf course on the weekend, you should do your utmost to keep work at the office so you can include some fun summer activities in your personal schedule. Plus, if you work extra hard when you’re on the job, there’s no need to feel guilty about taking a few long weekends this summer or scheduling vacation time at some point so you can enjoy your downtime to the fullest.


Create and Stick to Schedules

A well-planned schedule can help you stay productive. It’s all too easy to get lost in emails or checking on social media. Do your best to schedule everything, even when you check and respond to emails. A schedule ensures that you’re managing your time effectively. You’ll be less likely to waste time or spend too much time on unimportant tasks if you work to adhere to your daily schedule. There are actually helpful apps that can help you set your schedule and will send you reminders about when it’s time to switch tasks, take a break, or begin a new project.


Focus on Professional Development

Sometimes the best way to boost your performance at work or increase sales is to focus on yourself for a span of time. Set aside some time this summer for professional development. Attend a workshop or two so you can improve your skills. What are your weaknesses? Why not take an online class to acquire the skills you’re lacking or to advance some of your knowledge in an area of professional interest. For instance, take a course in improving your communication skills or enhancing your management skills. By improving yourself, you can improve your performance on the job.


Gather Your Productivity ‘Partners’

We all have favorite music that inspires us or a favorite brand of coffee. Summer is a terrific time to gather all your inspiration together in the office so that you can stay revved up even if colleagues around you seem to be suffering from brain fog. Part of staying motivated is staying energized. Too much coffee or other caffeine products can actually sabotage your productivity after the initial jolt. Instead, ensure that you always have cold water at your desk. Infuse it with some lemon or orange slices for some extra zing.


Rely on audio books during your work breaks or lunch to inspire you with career tips. Dress professionally but also comfortably for the season. Outfit your space with items that offer a stimulating boost so that you can tap into them when you feel a slump coming on. Some other items to bring with you this summer that may help you stay motivated include:


  • Fan
  • Favorite pen
  • Energizing snacks (raisins, almonds, etc…)
  • New desk set
  • New planner
  • Posture monitor (it will alert you if you slump in your chair)
  • Wireless bluetooth earbuds (so you can channel Slayer or Sade to your brain)

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