Feature and Integration Updates of 2020: LionO360


1st Quarter:

Prospect, Customer, and Ex-Customer Color Code Visibility:

A visibility feature that categorizes existing accounts into three distinct types; Prospect, Customer, and Ex-Customer.

Warehouse Listing:

List out multiple warehouses. Pull product reports by warehouse, transfer inventory from one warehouse to another, and perform inventory adjustments.

Business Card Scanner:

Easily enter and scan business card information directly into the system and enter client information automatically.

2nd Quarter:

Expansion of Goals Feature:

Goals can now be revenue, non revenue and custom goals. Revenue goals can be tied to opportunities or quotation.

Lead management:

Check in and check out feature, visit history reports.

2-way Quickbooks Integration(Desktop and Online versions):

Pull inventory data and send financial information through our 2-way integration with Quickbooks online and desktop versions.

3rd Quarter:

Inventory Configuration:

Customize products or services by attribute. Configure inventory items, services, or assembly parts by unique characteristics.

Serial Number Inquiry:

Easily add products by serial numbers. Track and measure products automatically and track and scan serial numbers individually or by the bundle.

Updated Reports Section:

A brand new reports portal giving an ever growing list of reports for every aspect of your business.

Manufacturing Module:

A new manufacturing module complete with inventory assembly, bill of material and work order capabilities including sub-assembly & scrap factor

4th Quarter:

Invoice Template:

Easily customize your invoice per your requirements. Header, address, details, edit, and select the sections in the invoice template. Added a new pop-up menu in the invoices section of recent transactions from customers.

Workflow Feature:

LionO360's workflow can be used to automate certain types of actions like creating a task for any user, sending automated emails to customers.

Improved Activity Page:

A critical redesign and a newly added beta version activity page, freely showing customer interactions in a smooth chronological dropdown section.

2 way email capabilities:

The expansion of the email capabilities including receiving replies to emails sent from CRM, and the integration with GMail.

Mobile enhancements:

Add new accounts from the mobile app, streamlined sales ordering process, easier search for products, and see top 5 selling products available automatically.

Additionally, we have integrated the system with some of the most popular 3rd party service providers such as: Quickbooks, Paypal, Ring Central, G-Mail, Twilio, Card Connect, METRC.

As you can see, we were hard at work to bring our customers must-have tools and functionality within their budget. Learn more about how LionO360 can help your business today by scheduling a no obligation free consultation and demonstration of our award winning software.

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