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Over the course of time, most successful businesses will need to evolve in order to broaden their scope of services or products. By developing procedures to create efficiencies in how they operate, those businesses have been able to scale in a way that is manageable. This involves having good suppliers, a growing and returning customer base, and an adaptable system in place that supports employees' efforts, giving them tools to make their performance as effective as possible.

Additionally, there are often situations where businesses need to shift their business model to either capitalize on needs in the marketplace, or as we’ve experienced, to do so out of necessity due to cyclical economic disruption (such as global pandemics). As we have seen recently, businesses who have reacted and adapted quickly in these changing business climates have had the most success in handling disruption and are best positioned to exploit opportunities, gain market share or mitigate significant damage to their models.

In either case, even with the right planning and the best staff in place, having a multitude of systems to operate your business can make an already cumbersome transformation an absolute disaster. Having flexibility in being able to quickly adapt your business to any environment will assure that your business is truly nimble enough to not only weather any “storm” but can lead to increased market share.

Case in Point:

A local distiller with multiple customer channels found itself in a terrible dilemma where not only was business from those channels completely shut down due to COVID-19, but they often found themselves with returned or unsold alcohol from bars which could have easily gone to waste, however were nimble and had the wherewithal to realize that they could use the same equipment they use in distilling spirits to also make hand sanitizer.

Our system is flexible enough to allow them to add new product lines and customer channels all while providing the reporting they need to assure that they measure their productivity to avoid back orders. Additionally they were able to use LionO360’s integrations to feed data into some of the peripheral solutions they currently use like Quickbooks..

With LionO360’s powerful business management solutions, your company can easily shift your product focus, segment out a new customer channel to sell those new products or services to cater to post COVID-19 market demands. Or you can effectively manage your team who now work remotely with our granular reporting and monitoring.

Flexibility, ease of use, tons of features, integrations with popular 3rd party solutions and so much more, all built and offered to meet the needs of SMB’s make LionO360 the premier choice in an award-winning business management solution.

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