4 Ways to Improve Management in a Post-Pandemic World


At this point, it is perhaps clich√© to point out but the pandemic has changed our world. Employers have been tested over and over again. Their employees have too, with many expectations shifting in the process.

As the vaccines go out and businesses open, what can management learn? How should the management process evolve for these strange times? That's what we aim to go over today in the hopes of making business smoother for employers and employees alike!

Keep Track of Communications & Activities

The easy tracking of customer communications and employee activities is a modern convenience your business should not go without. It is convenient, efficient, and alleviates a great deal of frustration for managers and the employees under them.

This sort of management software is what LionO360 offers. Our tools offer helpful pre-configured dashboards that are easy to use and make the relevant information easy to access. Customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are both easier than ever.

This sort of software makes managing teams remotely a breeze. Managers will be able to see what employees are assigned to do and what customers are saying all in one place. This information is also easy to share with relevant employees as needed.

Our activity logs allow you to track your communications in one easy-to-find place, which blends well with our next point! If you're curious but unsure, schedule a demo. That way you don't have to commit anything and can check out our software for yourself!

Keep Communication Honest & Open

Employees often feel undervalued and like they are under suspicion. If you want to avoid animosity, communication is key. This is even more true in times like these, where paranoia and political tensions seem high.

Keeping employees informed about the goings-on in your business and making them feel included in important decisions can go a long way to improving relations. Even if certain information must remain private and many decisions are still up to management, most businesses could do far more to help employees feel "in the loop."

Our tools can help here too, as Google Drive and Gmail users can easily integrate their communications and documents with LionO360. This can make things like tracking important conversations and changes to documents easy for all involved. This not only makes communication feel more open but also makes file management less of a hassle.

Then there are our activity streams, helping everyone see who is doing what in a given project and enabling direct communication. Our social activity stream allows for the easy sharing of ideas, comments, and appreciation shout-outs company-wide!

Keep Management and Sales Goals Clear

In line with many employees' desire for a more open environment, a company should also aim to keep their goals clear. Employees hate feeling like they are being judged by the success or failure of projects they don't understand. It's also easier to be motivated when you know what you're working towards.

This isn't just a benefit to employees either. It's rare a company will find any value in their employees not understanding a project goal or what is expected of them. You want management teams, notably field service management teams, to be able to operate smoothly.

LionO360 helps you to always understand your sales team's progress with real-time information on vendor and sales orders, and easily share financial and sales reports in the system to your team. This can work daily, weekly, or monthly, as best suits you and your team's needs.

Through this information, progress towards goals can be made obvious. Team members can see their success, where improvement is needed, and more. You can even see where you stand with individual customers, which can show you where efforts need to be most focused.

Keep Connections Modern

While practically all businesses have moved beyond snail mail and phone calls, many still haven't fully modernized communication. The reality is that the future of business communication lay in secure, cloud-based solutions. Better communication allows for more employees to work from home and more generally improves remote management capabilities.

Many businesses use some cloud-based communication and storage, even if they do not realize it. For example, Google Drive is a cloud-based solution that many use to store documents that will be used and edited by multiple employees. That said, most businesses could be doing much more.

Our software's secured and encrypted connections allow access to information from any browser or mobile device. This will allow employees to access company documents with our mobile app, and to track sales geolocations instantly.

The software works whether an employee is working from home, on-site, or traveling. With only a few button presses, it allows them to access critical information. All that is required is an internet connection, something phones can oftentimes get even without Wi-Fi.

On top of that, our cloud solution is resistant to hackers, so you can rely on your data to be kept private and secure. The only people are those you share it with.

Companies need to be adaptive, changing with the times. The expectations of both employees and customers are always evolving. Utilizing the cloud is the future of rapid communication and document access.

Want to Modernize? We Can Help

If you're looking for an all-in-one, customer relationship management solution that will help your company stay on the cutting edge, we can help. Meet the demands of customers and employees alike in this post-pandemic landscape with our software.

People are tired of companies that are slow to communicate and who are inefficient with data. We know our products can help your company save time and operate at peak efficiency. Get a demo of our software today!

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