27 Dec 2022
QuickBooks Or A CRM? Why SMBs May Want To Consider Both

Many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) today are using QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise editions for their accounting and inventory management. Despite its usefulness in these areas, there are some business functions that QuickBooks can’t — and shouldn’t — handle that are better suited for a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

May 13, 2020 | Tagged under: Forbes Technology Council | QuickBooks | CRM

27 Dec 2022
LionO360 Shortlisted for 2020 Saas Awards

Princeton, NJ – 04 August 2020 – LionO360 is a finalist in the 2020 SaaS Awards Program in the categories of Best SaaS for Customer Services or CRM, Best SaaS for Shipping, Inventory or Vehicle Logistics, and Best SaaS for Supply Chain or Warehouse Management.

August 04, 2020 | Tagged under: LionO360 | 2020 | Saas Awards

LionO360 CRM

27 Dec 2022
Getting Started with Inventory Management Software

Having the right stock and the availability of that stock for sale at the right time is best achieved by tracking inventory in real-time. While many SMB owners have gotten by with inventory ledgers or Excel spreadsheets, they are often missing out on significant business advantages, such as reduced costs and increased process efficiencies by not optimizing their inventory management.

August 05, 2020 | Tagged under: Industry Week | Inventory Management Software | Informative

27 Dec 2022
LionO360 Wins Bronze in the 15th Annual 2020 IT World Award®

“It’s an honor to be named a winner by IT World Awards. This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication to empowering SMBs to grow and thrive through advanced CRM technologies,” said Arun Upadhyay, founder and CEO, LionO360. “LionO360 CRM, with complete inventory solution with multi-warehouse, is a game-changer for small businesses, delivering a powerful, comprehensive, yet affordable CRM solution that out matches any other CRMs on the market.”

August 15, 2020 | Tagged under: LionO360 | IT software | IT World Award

27 Dec 2022
LionO360 CEO Wins Silver in the 8th Annual 2020 CEO World Awards!

“It is with great appreciation that LionO360 and I have been recognized by the CEO World Awards,” said Mr. Upadhyay. “This year has been incredibly challenging for many companies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, companies must streamline their processes and operations to maximize efficiency. Our team will continue to work tirelessly to help SMBs grow and thrive through our advanced CRM and ERP technologies.”

Sep. 14, 2020 | Tagged under: LionO360 | Technology software | CEO World Awards

27 Dec 2022
The Best All-in-One Business Management Solution for Small Business

For SMBs, LionO360 offers an abundance of benefits that can transform the entire business. Through marketing and sales automation, customer service management, and field service management features, LionO360 can help your business better understand the needs and concerns of customers and be more precise and deliberate in nurturing those relationships. Additionally, LionO360 is one of the only CRMs on the market that also offers enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Sep. 21, 2020 | Tagged under: LionO360 | NJBIA | CRM

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