27 Dec 2022
How Lunex Used LionO360 to Optimize Sales Efficiency

Within 30 days of moving their communications, sales pipe-line, and leads management to LionO360 CRM, Lunex began seeing results.

Sep. 30, 2020 | Tagged under: LionO360 | Lunex | Sales Efficiency

27 Dec 2022
How CRM Can Increase Productivity During COVID-19

The "new normal" during a COVID-19 world is driven by a businesses use of technology to be able to function and prosper. In this webinar we are speaking with LionO360’s who's mission is to empower small businesses to grow and thrive through advanced CRM technologies. LionO360 is the first and only cloud and mobile-based software as a service CRM solution that includes sales automation, warehouse/inventory management, customer service management, field representative management, and route management all in one platform. LionO360 helps companies improve operations, grow their business by converting more sales leads, and provide better support for their inside and outside sales teams.

Nov. 19, 2020 | Tagged under: LionO360 | NJBIA | Webinar

27 Dec 2022
Tips and Tricks to Using CRM for Customer Service

"When looking under the hood of a CRM solution, however, you'll see that there are far more powerful features that can give a company the edge it needs to compete and grow," said Upadhyay.

Nov 24, 2020 | Tagged under: CRM | Customer Service | Tips

27 Dec 2022
Top 12 ERP Solutions For Small and Medium Enterprises by Experts

“And among them, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the one that help the companies not just with time but also with budget. ERP solution benefits the organizations with resource planning, its management and empowers the strength of the business. With efficiency and rapid development, companies can gain a competitive edge in the crowd.”

Nov. 17, 2020 | Tagged under: ERP | Small Business | Inventory

27 Dec 2022
Three CRM Features To Elevate Your Cannabis Business

“And among them, ERP (Enterprise

To sustain this expansion and help capitalize on future opportunities, it is essential for cannabis businesses to leverage key technologies. If you own a cannabis company and plan to grow the business, customer relationship management (CRM) software is one technology to consider onboarding.

Oct. 23, 2020 | Tagged under: CRM | Cannabis Business | Inventory Management

27 Dec 2022
LionO360 Welcomes Tech Industry Veteran as Chief Technology Officer

In his new role, Rajamohan will work closely with LionO360’s CEO and Founder, Arun Upadhyay, to lead the global LionO360 development team, including engineering, product, IT, and operations to usher in the next generation of LionO360 solutions.

January 5, 2021 | Tagged under: LionO360 | CTO | CRM

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