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QuickBooks Desktop and LionO360 CRM Integration

Making Accounting Easier than Before.

Connect and synchronize your QuickBooks and LionO360 system data to streamline your financial workflow.

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Leverage Two-Way Data Synchronization

Leveraging the seamless integration of the LionO360 system and QuickBooks desktop account can enable you to leverage two-way data synchronization wherein you sync products, invoices, payment terms, payment methods, received payments, and more. This will help you simplify your financial management.

Moreover, businesses can add accounts, vendors, bills, bill payments, etc. to both the QuickBooks and LionO360 accounts. Moreover, LionO360 and QuickBooks integration also enables businesses to add the service as a product to LionO360.

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Access Multi-Way Reports & Analytics

Utilizing multi-way reporting and analytics can help you level up decision-making across sales and finance departments which in turn can impact improved efficiency and minimized costs.

Integrating the LionO360 system and QuickBooks Desktop can allow decision-makers to leverage multi-way reporting capability. The sales and finance team can make effective use of reports and analytics generated in both the QuickBooks Desktop and LionO360 systems, distinctively.

In this way, accounting users can leverage reports using the QuickBooks system and LionO360 users can enjoy reporting using the LionO360 system.

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Effective Financial Management

Effortlessly access and manage our financial transactions such as invoices, bills, receivables, etc. Stay updated with all your bank and income transactions whether using a QuickBooks account or LionO360 system once integrated.

Integrating LionO360 and QuickBooks enables businesses to automatically pay bills, quickly track expenses, create and access custom reports, and more. With this integration, businesses will have a system that is more focused on securing sensitive data.

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Role-Based Data Accessibility

Now, with LionO360 and QuickBooks Desktop, businesses can define role-based data accessibility wherein people with granted access will be able to access the data. To implement such, separate user profiles can be defined in the QuickBooks Desktop and permissions can be granted accordingly.

Leveraging role-based data accessibility, business individuals can ensure that merely the right people are accessing and using the right data in their organization ensuring a security-equipped system.

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Highly Secured System

With QuickBooks Desktop and LionO360 integration, businesses can ensure security and reliability for their sensitive financial data. Administrators can seamlessly define and permit user roles to the specific users to whom they want to allow accessing and using the data.

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