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LionO360 and Email Platform Integration

Uplift Customer Experience with LionO360 and Email Platform Integration.

Manage your growing customer base and drive efficient interaction with a large volume of customers.

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Drive Automated Email Campaigns

LionO360 and E-mail platform i.e. Amazon SES integration enables you to automate your e-mail campaigns defined as per specific customer behavior, their past integration, or the way they communicated or demonstrated interest in your product or services.

With this email integration, you can eliminate manual intervention while communicating with your customers through emails.

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Track Communication in Real-Time

Sync your contacts and calendar data from our email platform to the LionO360 system. This allows you to access and respond to your customers directly using your LionO360 account instead of switching between your accounts every time.

With LionO360 system and Amazon SES integration, you can gain the capability of tracking your e-mail campaigns with real-time efficiency. Seamlessly synchronize emails from your email platform to your CRM system and respond to your customer emails using your CRM while leveraging the same thread.

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Seamless Customer Segmentation

Integrating an email platform- Amazon SES with LionO360 systems can equip you with improved customer segmentation which can further enable you to serve a tailored experience to your customer base.

This segmentation process is performed considering the customer database in terms of their preferences, buying behavior, etc. helping you define and drive personalized marketing campaigns as per your segmented customer groups.

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Compliance & Security Adherence

Facilitating LionO360 system and email platform integration helps you effectively comply with email regulations and industry standards. With this integration, we ensure that you will be adhering to optimal email marketing practices.

We also enable you to maintain compliance and security practices with anti-spam laws. Thus, deploying a system ensures secured and reliable email transmission while protecting sensitive data or customer information.

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