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LionO360 and Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration

Comprise future ready enterprise solution fueled by AWS Cloud.

Bring unparallel efficiency and transform your data-driven capabilities with LionO360 and Microsoft Azure Cloud integration.

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End-to-end Azure Managed Services

Take advantage of end-to-end Azure cloud-managed services with LionOBytes and drive smoother flow in your business operations. Leverage data analytics, reports, and business intelligence to reinforce healthy decision-making in your business.

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Data Security & Compliance

Manage and utilize data across processes and people in your organization equipped with end-to-end encryption on the cloud. With LionO360 system and Microsoft Azure Cloud integration, we help businesses to meet regulatory requirements while ensuring the security of their sensitive data.

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The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Accounting, and much more.

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Automatic Updates & Maintenance

We take responsibility for regular infrastructure maintenance, updates, and upgrades in a timely manner reducing your IT burden and allowing you to focus on your core operational practices.

With LionO360 ERP and Azure integration, we ensure that your integrated system is running on the latest upgraded software versions and is also secured from vulnerabilities.

CRM With Lead Management

Drive Innovation & Increase Efficiency

LionO360 with Microsoft Azure cloud integration can help you adapt to continuously changing needs in your growing business. It allows you to leverage data anytime, anywhere using any device. All you need to do is to log in to your LionO360 account using defined credentials.

Moreover, it enables people in your organization to easily connect and share data or information they require. It also helps you bring amalgamation across your processes that drive innovation and efficiency.

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