Territory Management

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Territory Management

Better Customer Experience with LionO360

Bolster customer service, encourage sales, and enhance your customer base by leveraging LionO360 Territory Management platform.

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Increase Sales Efficiency

Structure and streamline your territories with LionO360 territory management module to ensure that your customer is heard and served a personalized experience. Territories when aligned properly help to increase your sales team’s productivity, uplift their selling potential, and maximize business outcomes.

LionO360 CRM

Task Accomplishment by Salespeople

Strengthen your field sales executives’ capability to confidently undertake challenges and ensure accomplishing assigned tasks in a defined timeframe. Assign different customer questionnaires, sales tasks, and promotional field operations leveraging territory management module of LionO360 Field Service Management.

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Improve Your Customer Experience

Territory management when combined with structured route planning helps to foster more improved relationships with customers while saving travelling time and involved costs. Based on your field representative’s performance history, complex customer visits can be managed ensuring stronger value proposition.

LionO360 CRM

Seamless Territory Creation

LionO360 FSM comes with seamless territory creation functionality whereby territory can be created and defined under a specific channel using a web version along with efficient categorization.

Liono360 Field Service Management also enables you to create territory using the “View on Map” filter eliminating the need to switch between modules which in turn saves time and enhances efficiency.

LionO360 CRM

Access Leads and Accounts on Map

Lead filter and account filter functionality allows you to access the leads and accounts in LionO360 FSM distinctively demonstrated using different color codes. Further, these leads or accounts can be assigned to the specific sales personnel to be followed for improved conversions.

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