Questionnaire Management

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Questionnaire Management

Analyze organizational performance with LionO360

Generate predictions to improve customer engagement, support growth, and drive scalability with our Questionnaire Management solution.

Create Questionnaire

Create customized questionnaires as well as update the same from the backend and conduct multiple surveys during a single visit.

Prompt Questionnaire

Ensure prompt questionnaires to perform surveys at the time of check-ins at the customer locations by your representatives.

Real-Time Feedback

Automate your survey questionnaire, acquire survey feedback in real-time, and get accurate insights to support decision-making.

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Create Multiple Questionnaires

Create and set multiple questionnaires using different channels to be prompted once the representative checks in to the customer store location adhering to their defined route.

Assign multiple questionnaires pertaining to multiple products to be executed during your representative’s single visit fulfilling different purposes.

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Customize Prompting Questionnaires

To reinforce product-specific goals; create, assign, and automate multiple questionnaires leveraging different potential channels simultaneously to your field sales representatives.

Customize prompting questionnaires addressing the unique purpose or to drive product-specific field campaigns all through our Field Service Management platform enriched with a seamless questionnaire management module.

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Drive Improved Customer Experience

Our LionO360 questionnaire management module is designed to effectively carry out your field activities in terms of reaching customers, availing of their feedback, ensuring their anticipation, and more.

This can help you perceive your customers' needs, maximize customer retention, attain customer loyalty, and improve their overall experience.

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Gain Questionnaire Insights

Acquire questionnaire insights and leverage the same to perceive your customers’ lacks and concerns to be considered working on. Further, these insights can enable people in your organization to make informed decisions favoring your customer experience.

Track your customers' satisfaction level and know their feedback revealing what is lacking and where there is a need to work on. Stay updated with questionnaire stats & analytics to make informed and productive decisions periodically impacting your brand values and affecting your overall production level.

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