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Simplify and personalize Check-In/Check-Out

Bring transparency, measure workforce performance, and increase operational efficiency with LionO360 Check-in and Check-out facilitation.

Simplified Check-in/Check-out

Simplify your representatives' check-in and check-out process and track their visit through exact latitude and longitude in real-time.

Validate Field Activity

Validate field representative visits at the customer location as well as customer store address through integrated GPS.

Tracking & Analyzing

Sales managers can track executives' visits and pertained field activity as well as can enable their executives to track the same.

LionO360 CRM

Improved operational efficiency

Simplify, manage, and drive your end-to-end field activity with our LionO360 CRM with check-in and check-out functionality. Strengthen your representatives to seamlessly reach out to customers via phone calls or customer location visits following the defined route and efficiently get the prompted questionnaire filled in by customers.

LionO360 CRM

Track & validate executive visit

Enable your field representatives to seamlessly perform check-in and check-out under a defined area range (within 0.2 miles of customer location), helping you to validate your executives’ visits by matching their location with the customer store location through integrated GPS as well as track the total time taken during each visit through our LionO360 check-in and check-out module with time spent functionality. Also, allow your executives to correct or update customer addresses if they find them invalid.

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LionO360 CRM

Instant access to reports

LionO360 Field Service Management module helps Field Sales managers to track the overall check-in and check-out activities of their field executives as well as demonstrate the same in dashboards/reports & analytics helping them serve improved customer experience while impacting customer retention. Moreover, you can also allow your representatives to track their own visiting history, for instance, total visit counts, when and which locations are visited, and which are yet to be performed.


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