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Workflow Automation

Automate Tasks to Gain Next-Level Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and enable your workforce to focus on high-value tasks enabling efficiency and reducing costs.

Create Custom Workflows

Create and run workflows whether time-based or event-based to automate repetitive tasks.

Define Manual Conditions

Manually define conditions and set actions accordingly to run workflow once the condition matches.

Define Saved Searches Conditions

Add conditions using saved searches and define actions based on Saved Searches inclusion.

LionO360 CRM

Automate processes to increase efficiency

Easily create workflows whether by applying manual conditions or saved searches to automate your day-to-day repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, and increase efficiency using LionO360’s Workflow Automation.

Create and define custom workflows based on specific needs triggered whether time-based or event-based saving time and boosting workforce productivity.

Leverage LionO360’s Workflow Automation to optimize your processes, empower your workforce to speed up their work, and focus more on high-value tasks. This can result in increased efficiency, improved customer service, and identify areas of opportunity.

LionO360 CRM

Bring collaboration & gain deeper insights

Workflow automation helps bring collaboration even in cross-functional teams which in turn improves accountability for tasks while ensuring that everyone in your organization is working toward fulfilling the same goal.

Assign tasks automatically, send e-mail alerts, update fields, create/delete records, and more all through LionO360 Workflow Automation. Automate sending analytics data or custom reports helping to discover the opportunities to strengthen informed decision making.

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LionO360 CRM

Streamline processes

Workflows can be created to streamline processes by eliminating errors to effectively run tasks across your sales, marketing, administrative, customer helpdesk, and more.

Using LionO360’s Workflow Automation, you can streamline your tasks by imbibing the modules including account, lead, location, opportunity, product, and vendor modules. Thus, streamlining processes and making things easier and faster while minimizing delays.



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