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Credit Management

LionO360 ERP for efficient Credit Management

Strengthen your company’s liquidity and improve cash flow by leveraging LionO360 ERP’s credit management solution.

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Manage Credit Limits

Assign, manage, and control credit limits of your customers considering their purchase history, past behavior, and more, ensuring improved cash flow and minimizing the risk of bad debts. Upgrade or control credit limits based on your customer relationship and association with them.

LionO360 ERP’s credit management functionality facilitates you to customize your customers’ credit limits and prevent them from exceeding their credit limits. Further, you can customize your customers' credit limits which can also be accessed in terms of total assigned limit, used limit, and available credit limit.

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Maintain Customer Creditworthiness

Allow your customers to leverage their determined credit limits and notify them once they exceed their limits using LionO360 ERP’s credit management functionality.

Track and view their assigned, used, and available credit limits as well as control the same helping you to maintain good cash flow and customer creditworthiness.

You can enhance limits for customers specified with low credit limits contemplating their past purchase activities and overall behavior ensuring a sound relationship with your worthwhile customer base.

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Minimize Risk and Reduce Costs

LionO360 ERP allows your customers to order merely within specific predefined limits respectively and automatically as well as restrict them once they exceed their specified limits. Monitoring credit limits can help you minimize the risk of bad debts.

Moreover, reduce your costs while offering credit limits to your customers as our ERP software prevents you in terms of availing more credit limits but not ensuring payments on time from your customers.

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Control Your Sales Orders

By setting credit limits for your customers, you can control as well as prioritize your sales orders depending on your customers' credit limits. These limits can be defined on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis depending on your sales order frequencies associated with a distinct customer base.

LionO360 ERP’s credit management feature equips you with efficient control over your sales orders. For instance, while creating sales orders, you can see the available credit limits for the respective customer base and can make a smarter decision instantly.

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Stay Updated with Your Customer Limits

Leveraging LionO360’s credit limit management feature, you can stay updated with each of your customers’ current credit limit status in real-time. This can help you manage and control the credit line for your customers.

Our ERP solution simplifies and enables you to track daily, weekly, and monthly credit limits which can be controlled accordingly. However, your customer credit limits can be expanded when needed and can be tracked for the same.

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