Email to Ticket

Email to Ticket

Powerful ‘Email to Ticket Solution’ by LionO360

Timely listen to your customers’ cases and concerns and promptly resolve their cases via LionO360 ‘Email to Ticket’ solution.

LionO360 CRM

Streamlined Ticket Management

Our Email to Ticket feature facilitates automatically converting all the support emails into tickets or cases which can be accessed in a single unified way using your LionO360 account. LionO360's ‘Email to Ticket’ solution helps your support team to seamlessly manage tickets and respond to them effectively.

LionO360 CRM

Improved Response Time

With a 360-degree view across the tickets or cases submitted by your end-users, LionO360 System bolsters your support executives to quickly respond to customer cases, effectively resolve customer issues, and improve response time by leveraging the 'First Response Time' key algorithm ensuring better customer service.

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Categorize and Prioritize Your Cases

When your customers raise their issues or submit their cases through email, your user group or support team can categorize and sub-categorize their cases as well as prioritize the cases in terms of high, medium, and low consideration. Our Cases & Help Desk system also allows you to define a case association such as account, lead, organization, and opportunity.

LionO360 CRM

Seamless Case Distribution

Assign tickets to those support agents having a lesser number of customer cases. Evenly distribute tickets to all your support executives according to their defined limit of cases. This will help you ensure that each of your support executives is productive as well as encourage timely customer resolution.

LionO360 CRM

Case Visibility

Access every case progress and conversation between your support team and customer distinctively. LionO360 system enables you to monitor your case progress and access the conversation that happened between your user group or support team and customers.

Apply user access control to define who can access customer tickets. These access controls can be defined and ensure access to users associated with different accounts, leads, groups, and under assigned hierarchy.

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