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Document Management

Centralize your data with LionO360

Drive effective team collaboration, increase your workforce productivity, and streamline your end-to-end workflow all through LionO360.

LionO360 CRM

The cloud-based app keeps your data secure.

Information such as payment and personal information is secured by encrypted socket layer technology. Share reports with your team, over encrypted cloud-connections, and more accurately interact with your clients with a 360-degree view.

LionO360 CRM

Instant access to your data, anywhere, anytime.

Deliver a more personalized experience to your clients with 360 data management. You can also customize charts and dashboards as well as the view for your entire organization to display the most important info in the most prominent location.

LionO360 CRM

All in one place

LionO360 CRM for small businesses provides you with the critical insights needed to drive your business forward. All account info, including pending opportunities, order history, scheduled outreach, and documents, is accessible in one place. Document conversations with notes entered by your employees or via automated audio recordings.

Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Accounting, and much more. Document management just got a whole lot easier.

LionO360 CRM

Attach documents

Attach files, notes, PDFs, and other important company materials directly into the system. With secured cloud connections, company documents can be shared easily and safely while being easily accessible.

With a 360-degree view of company interactions and supporting business documents, LionO360 allows for complete sales and business management from anywhere in the world. While on a mobile device, or on the computer, access and protect all your important files with LionO360, a world-class solution for small business.


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