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Contacts Management

Diversify your customer base with LionO360

Reinforce your marketing campaigns and foster long-lasting relationships with your customers using LionO360 Contact Management.

LionO360 CRM

Set and monitor goals

Set goals for your team to contact leads and make personalized visits to ensure leads are funneling through the sales process efficiently. Setting sales goals will increase productivity and eventually, sales.

LionO360 CRM

Organized prospect tracking

LionO360 keeps your client and leads information organized, allowing you to spend more time interacting with them. Put leads through our customizable lead funnel stages, making it easier to forecast new opportunities and upsell former and existing customers.

LionO360 CRM

Efficient pipeline management

Create, update and manage all your opportunities and sales pipeline with ease.

Store all your business contacts in one place to which all team members have access. Organize your contacts by their stage in the sales process.

Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Accounting, and much more. Contact management just got a whole lot easier.

LionO360 CRM

Email integrations

Integration with Microsoft Office automatically maintains email threads, enabling you to view the complete history of customer communications. Additionally, LionO360’s integrations with UPS, FedEx, and the USPS enable you to connect and view the status of shipments to customers.

LionO360 CRM

Efficient task management

Assign tasks to specific team members right from the program. This feature is ideal if your team members travel on sales calls or work remotely. Once a task is completed, it will show up in the activity stream.

LionO360 CRM

Quickly setup reminders

Set reminders for you and your team about upcoming meetings, follow-up calls, and goals. This feature will ensure that tasks are accomplished and leads are nurtured through the sales process effectively.

LionO360 CRM

Easily manage calendars

Synchronize third-party calendar programs, so your meetings and events stay organized alongside your business contacts. Record notes from meetings with leads and clients directly in the customer relationship management feature.


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