Case Request Submission

Case/Request Submission

Simplified Case Submission Solution

Maintain customer service standards, earn customer loyalty, and retain your customer base with LioinO360’s Case/Request submission solution.

LionO360 CRM

Seamless Case Submission

Allow both your customers and employees to effortlessly raise their tickets by leveraging your defined support email ID or navigating through their LionO360 account wherein they can raise their issues or submit their cases to be resolved by the user group or support team you assign.

LionO360 CRM

Access Case History

Once you respond to your customer's email, it will create a communication thread between you and your customer which can also be accessed through your LionO360 account.

You can also access the email conversations that happened whether in terms of customer issues or new business leads which have already been initiated in your system through prospect email.

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Assign Cases to Different User Groups

LionO360’s Case/Request submission module enables you to assign your customer cases to specifically defined user groups depending on the requirement or associated domain department.

This can help you drive streamlined, faster, and efficient support for your customers facing issues whether in terms of account, lead, organization, and opportunity.

LionO360 CRM

Automated Confirmation through Email

Once your customer raises their request or issue, an automated ticket gets generated through your LionO360 Cases & Help Desk account and sent through automated confirmation mail to the customer ensuring them that their case is submitted successfully.

When you respond to your customer emails, you will also be able to access these threads directly from your LionO360 system.

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