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Account management

Close more deals with LionO360’s Account Management

Increase productivity and profitability while strengthening your relationship with your customers through LionO360 Account Management.

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Make Informed Decisions

With LionO360 Account Management, quickly access account information from detailed customer information to logged activities, document uploads to opportunities and submitted cases. Leveraging all this information, you can make quick yet informed decisions.

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Better Nurture Your Customers

Know where you stand with each customer through LionO360 CRM's Account management module. With the help of integrated data visibility and status updates of every customer, you can easily spot the accounts that need attention to be nurtured better to impact the conversion rate.

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Track Customer Activities

Keep track of all your customer communications using your LionO360’s account. Easily view sales calls and interactions for each account along with email conversations. You can also access and track uploaded customer documents, cases logged, and all the logged activities.

Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Accounting, and much more. Accounts management just got a whole lot easier.

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Improve Customer Experience

LionO360 CRM provides account management functionality that allows businesses to seamlessly track support tickets and deliver reliable solutions. Our cloud-based platform eliminates infrastructure hassles and ensures updated information is instantly available to all users no matter whether they are working from home or in the office.

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