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LionO360 CRM For Startups to SMBs

With the help of LionO360 CRM, helping businesses to manage customers, close deals faster, maximize sales outcomes, and increase the production line.

Lead Management

Outreach the right audience, nurture leads, and maximize your conversions with LionO360 lead management.

Account Management

Manage your customer accounts and maintain a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Opportunity Management

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers and drive multiple sales funnels simultaneously to acquire sales.

Contacts Management

Enjoy organized contact information of your customers enabling you to focus more on customer interaction and conversions.

Goals & Forecasting

With real-time analytics and insights, forecast sales and set sales goals to increase operational efficiency.

Document Management

Keep your customers' documents and related information safe and well-organized in your LionO360 system.

Case/Request Submission

Enable your customers to easily raise their cases and tickets all through using our LionO360 system.

Ticket & Case Management

Create, track, and manage your cases as well as prioritize the resolution based on case exigency.

Email to Ticket Management

Enable your customers to effortlessly submit their cases using emails and automatically convert them into tickets.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain a unified view of your customers in terms of raised tickets, under-process cases, and closed tickets.


Field Service Management for Startups & SMBs

Schedule and route your representative visits, streamline customer surveys, drive effective field sales, and level up your customer experience.

Territory Management

Assign territories to your field team and define their sales quotas. Track field executives' targets and measure their performances in real-time.

Route Management

Create and assign routes to your field executives, track and validate their visit counts, manage traffic, and get real-time feedback.

Questionnaire Management

Create multiple questionnaires from the backend and prompt them to your executives once they reach their assigned stores or locations.


Validate your executive field visits along with assigned store addresses through check-In and Check-Out functionality in our system.


LionO360 ERP for Startups to SMBs

Optimize your processes from inventory, customers, and warehouse management to field operations to drive improved conversions with our cloud ERP.

Price Book

Define multiple levels of pricing to be offered for different product items as well as different customers or groups of customers.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage your multiple warehouses located at different places from operations to seamless shipping, logistics, and distribution.

Pick, Pack, and Ship

Bring efficiency to your pick, pack, and shipping process while reducing time and accelerating your warehousing employee’s efforts.

Serial Number Management

Quickly track, manage, and monitor your inventory status, and automatically add inventory items to your orders using serial numbers.

Aisle, Rack, and Bin Management

Effortlessly create, track, and monitor aisles, racks, levels, and bins in your warehouse to easily find and pick up the item when needed.

Multicurrency Management

Manage your sales globally, easily receive payments from your global customers, track your financial transactions in multiple currencies, etc.

Purchase Order & Bill Management

Seamlessly create, manage, and track your purchase orders and bills. Track your payment status and maintain your cash flow.

Customer RMA and Vendor RMA

Manage returns and refunds for your customers and vendors. Faster your RMA process and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Credit Management

Define credit limits for your customers and prevent your customers from exceeding their credit limits, helping you maintain your cash flow.

Barcode Scanner

Quickly assign barcodes to your products, search products using barcodes, easily add products to the cart using barcodes, and more.

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