Are You Using a Patchwork of Software to Run Your Business? How many software applications does your business use to run your operations? Do you have one app to record sales leads? Another to store contacts? Are your documents saved on a computer somewhere that no one can find or open? Over the years, small business software was sold as a patchwork of tools. There was no continuity, no seamless system to access information from one screen. Thankfully, platforms like LionO360 CRM now combine all your business needs into one easy application.
4 Ways to Improve Management in a Post-Pandemic World

At this point, it is perhaps cliché to point out but the pandemic has changed our world. Employers have been tested over and over again. Their employees have too, with many expectations shifting in the process. As the vaccines go out and businesses open, what can management learn? How should the management process evolve for these strange times? That's what we aim to go over today in the hopes of making business smoother for employers and employees alike!

Top 5 CRM Trends for 2021

CRM was worth almost $50 billion in 2018. CRM is customer relationship management and is one of the best ways to manage and communicate with prospects and clients in your business. Every business should have CRM software that helps them get ahead of the curve and drive revenue growth. This is why it's important to know about the best CRM trends and what is expected in 2021.

5 Common Sales & Marketing Mistakes That Failing Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to gaining market-share, companies are relying on marketing and sales teams more than ever in an effort to drive the success (or lack thereof) of a business. Expanding marketing channels, and waves of sales engineering methods have not only created opportunities for growth, but have also been the downfall of failing operations. Here are 5 Common Sales & Marketing Mistakes that failing businesses make and ways to avoid them:

Feature and Integration Updates of 2020: LionO360

1st Quarter: Prospect, Customer, and Ex-Customer Color Code Visibility: A visibility feature that categorizes existing accounts into three distinct types; Prospect, Customer, and Ex-Customer.

Growing Pains & Scaling Your Business With Confidence

Businesses in fast growing industries are often associated with innovation, excitement and unbound opportunity, and often face a host of unique challenges that can not only obstruct that innovation but can also restrict growth. In some cases these issues can slowly grind business to a halt. The ability to create demand from a disruptive technology, product or service is hard enough as it is. Once that demand heats up it is often hard to put the “genie back in the bottle”.

Adapting Your Business in Any Economic Climate

Over the course of time, most successful businesses will need to evolve in order to broaden their scope of services or products. By developing procedures to create efficiencies in how they operate, those businesses have been able to scale in a way that is manageable. This involves having good suppliers, a growing and returning customer base, and an adaptable system in place that supports employees' efforts, giving them tools to make their performance as effective as possible.

What is CRM and how does it work?

Successful businesses are built on relationships. And it’s impossible to build good relationships if you don’t have some way of tracking who your customers are. CRM software is designed to enable sales teams to thrive in any environment. From providing visibility to the entire sales process, and supporting a standardized way of conducting business, equipping the right CRM system will make managing relationships with customers that much easier!

How Automation Will Help Reduce Work for Sales Team

Do you want to reduce work for sales teams? You have millions of business competitors, so you must work for a compromise. One desirable solution is sales automation. With this, your company improves sales while reducing tedious work for your team. Automation works more wonders than this. Read on and explore more automation benefits:

7 Early Signs That Your Warehouse is Mismanaged

Did you know that $385 billion is spent on warehousing costs every year? There's no doubt that managing a warehouse is an expensive job. When you start to add the cost of fixing mistakes, making up for lost time, and doing damage control, that expense shoots up. The key to bringing costs down is, of course, a well-managed warehouse. When operations are running smoothly and systems are optimized, you can expect the highest profits along with a better, happier environment within the warehouse. That all starts with identifying where you might be going wrong.

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