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Why LionOBytes?


We have been in software industry for more than 16 years and have seen all aspects of software development and their impact on the business. This insight provoked me to have my own company and serve all the medium-sized business for their end to end business needs. This gave birth to LionOBytes.

LionOBytes is a medium-sized software development company that offers various proven, secure and High performance IT solutions. The main goal of LionOBytes is to value of customers and their needs. After thinking through we felt having an end to end CRM solution would benefit many companies like us.

At LionOBytes, we all have the same dream to come together to offer a complete CRM solution that stands out from rest of the competitors due to its ease of use, extremely easy setup and low price point.


At LionOBytes we offer wide variety of solutions in below areas






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LionOBytes is a preferred choice for many of the world's top financial organizations, who share a common need to design, develop and deploy high-value technology solutions.

Having served many financial services and capital markets, clients, we have a strong understanding of the role the technology plays in this sector and the responsibility that it carries.

The bar is set extremely high for business solutions due to increased regulatory examination, opacity, reporting and risk management; escalating complexity and diversity of financial instruments, tools and standards; higher expectations of performance, scalability, reliability, cost-effectiveness; ease of maintenance, and recoverability.

LionOBytes help clients meet those increased expectations and raise the bar across the industry by designing and deploying smart custom-tailored technology systems.


In today's world every industry regardless of its field needs for effective, reliable and secure telecom solutions. The progressively changing technology & customer expectations have become a huge challenge for telecom companies.

When it comes to telecommunication solutions it is not only limited to technology rather series of various factors that decide the credibility of telecom software companies. Factors like reliability, customer satisfaction & integration with existing systems play an important part in deciding the value of telecommunication software services.

We at LionOBytes help clients by observing and providing solutions for the challenges and opportunities in the telecom sector created due to several factors. Our telecom software services help you stay in the competition without extravagant costs in network transformations.

LionOBytes collaborate with you to develop and execute progressive strategies and providing the right telecom software solutions for you to stay in the fierce competition and build a place for yourself. We enhance your business reach, making it more efficient and well in pace with the next-generation marketplace.


The exceptionally customized software is the way to online benefits in the insurance business, where quickly paced programming arrangements that can nearly read your clients' brain is today's expectation for car insurance, health or travel insurance customers.

Insurance management software assumes the key part of this segment for organizations to be on top. Presently days conveying best insurance benefits according to the present economy and all the while enhancing client procurement and maintenance can be made straightforward with the best insurance agency programming.

LionOBytes have the exceedingly gifted proficient with bunches of research prepared to convey the best protection administration programming in brief span. As this organization is having unfathomab learning of insurance area can serve you the best appropriate insurance agency programming and protection application advancements required for your development.


The medical industry is a standout amongst the most vital ventures worldwide and is becoming rapidly throughout the most recent decade. Advancements in administration, mind models and data conveyance can reform the eventual fate of human services. Organizations blossom with giving an ideal care, yet they confront challenges as far as enhancing the nature of care conveyed, dealing with the operations, improving specialist profitability, decreasing human blunder and diminishing expenses.

Data Technology has a noteworthy part to play as far as accomplishing higher quality patient care, lessen the cost of tending to both social insurance suppliers and customers, abbreviate an opportunity to convey and get mind, and even give expanded patient self-sufficiency in human services conveyance.

With our times of involvement in numerous advances and area skill in the Medical or Healthcare services industry, we have empowered our clients with different advantages, as more noteworthy productivity in operations, compliance with regulatory norms, insightful decision making, renewed consumer experience, and sustainable, personalized, patient-centric and cost-effective system.

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