CRM and ERP solutions

CRM and ERP solutions

LionO360 CRM


Each business operates differently. Customizing the CRM makes it more compatible for your company’s processes.

Primary Customization Services

Easily design custom business processes and workflows with LionO360 CRM Customization services. Add or drop fields in List or Kanban views, add new fields to existing entities, and such. With our LionO360 CRM experts, you can do all kinds of basic customizations as per your need.

Customization for Dashboards

We offer complete customization for dashboards. Whether you want to have a simple dashboard or an advanced one, we can help you with all! Build customized dashboard solutions to match your unique needs with our LionO360 CRM Customization Services.

Advanced Level Customization

Integrating certain functions in the CRM requires technical expertise. With us, you get the right talent and skills to build an advanced custom CRM solution. At LionOBytes, we can help you develop functionality from scratch – whether it’s integrating a 3rd party app or creating a module.

Advantages of custom LionOBytes CRM development:

A light-weight custom solution right for your specific needs and requirements vs. an expensive and complicated out-of-the box enterprise CRM system, created to meet the requirement of most of the businesses.

Significant cost-savings from the development of those features you really want and need.

Less time spent on training the end users because a custom CRM is created based on your workflow.

Better integration across different departments of your company.

Easy system expansion when new functionality is needed.

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ERP Customization Benefits:


With an ERP fully aligned with your business processes, you can capitalize on their increased speed, automation and visibility.


A customized ERP becomes easier to scale up or change on demand to meet emerging business goals.


A customized ERP becomes easier to scale up or change on demand to meet emerging business goals.

Advantages of custom LionOBytes ERP development:

Improved quality and efficiency of business operations.

All business data is centralized and collaborated on single platform.

High data visibility from anywhere and anytime.

Significant time savings due to fast data flows between different departments.

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