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Product Engineering

Our specialists work with you to create the perfect solutions solely for your business. When there isn’t a product with the services you need out on the market, work with LionObytes to create exactly what you are looking for. Using the latest technology and keeping the user in mind, you can improve your business processes with custom software.


Our LionObytes team is extremely skilled in many programs such as Microsoft, Windows 2008, Linux, Unix, Apache, Microsoft IIS, ROR, Soap, MS SQL, MYSQL, Ajax, and more to build comprehensive and effective programs for businesses. Graphic, app, and website designers are skilled in DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Flash, Visual Studio, and Notepad++ to create only the most visually pleasing products. When it comes to your business selling products, we specialize in ecommerce technologies such as Creloaded and Magento commerce.

Quality Service

You will always receive quality service when it comes to engineering your new product. A specialist will be on call to assist in any issues in the software and will constantly provide small updates to enhance the software and fix any bugs that may arise so you are always working with the best technology and performance.

Product Support and Maintenance

Once your program is created, our specialists will maintain the program and provide any updates necessary to enhance your software and keep it running smoothly. If you notice something is off about the software, a specialist will be available to provide assistance and fix the problem.

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