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BI Platform

Your business’s reports and charts can be automatically curated with our BI platform. Use machine learning and predictive analytical technology to drive useful insights from your data. This won’t only save you and your employees’ time and money, but keep you up to date on your business’s success.

Real-time Dashboards

The dashboards in LionO360 are fully customizable, ensuring to deliver meaningful real-time insights. Predict future trends and come up with solutions to improve sales and productivity based on past data.

Visual Reporting

Your business’s data is automatically curated into charts, graphics, graphs, and maps to help you oversee your business’s productivity easily and quickly. This allows you to make informed and quick decisions in a fast-paced environment.

Self-Service and Collaborative

Multiple team members can view the same information at once and watch it update in real time. Individuals can create their own reports from the data and share with employees and coworkers to offer new insights.

Generate Informed Meaningful Insights with LionO360

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What is a CRM and how does it work?

Successful businesses are built on relationships. And it's impossible to build good relationships if you don't have some way of tracking who your customers are.

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