loT is rife with data security challenges that can set your business's producitivity back. Know how we could help to intact your data privacy!

Data-centric Security with LionO360

Encryption and masking with 256 SSL (Secure Socket Layer), data loss prevention, and holistic technology on a cloud environment masterfully keep your data secured. Besides, our security is also ensured under the SOC 2 examination.

Complete Control Over System Usage

Role-based control detemines who can access certain documents and capabilities set by management. This controls who can and cannot download certain information. Also, receive a complete overview of who logs in to the system and what they access and download.

AI-defined Secured Cloud Environment

Secure every aspects of your business on cloud by leveraging an ecosystem of AI-driven infratructure, algorithms and models. We ensure to keep your business and information safe with a siloed approach.

Cookie-based Access Control

Have a fine-grained control over this our cookie-based authentication process. Control who can access your documents and data, and when to ensure a powerful security workflow.

Choose With Liono360 For Securing Your Data.

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Successful businesses are built on relationships. And it's impossible to build good relationships if you don't have some way of tracking who your customers are.

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