LionOBytes services help multiple industries conduct business with automated software, data security, and data analysis after a complete digital transformation.

Accelerate and Transform Your Business

LionOBytes offers the latest technology to accelerate and expand your business using automated processes. Data is automatically updated and analyzed so you can make intelligent and informed decisions while staying confident that your information is secured and protected with advanced IT security. Customized software allows you and your employees to improve productivity with seamless processes, which means more success for your business.

Top Industries Using LionOBytes

LionOBytes has helped improve the business processes of multiple industries worldwide.

Data Centric Services for the CPA/Accounting Industry

We offer future-based services for established CPAs and accounting firms. Ensure flawless and timely deliveries without spending too much time & cost on hiring and training resources. LionOBytes gives you the confidence that your data is secured and protected and easily recoverable if ever lost.

Managed Services & Solutions

Setup, planning & assistance for implementing a robust infrastructure to secure crucial informations.

Professional Services

Accounting, bookkeeping & controller services including but not limited to budgeting, payroll, tax & cash flow managemtent.

CRM Solution & IT Services

Enabling CPA’s to work on a future-based financial approach with our powerful CRM solution, LionO360.
Ensuring a transformation journey through our web and digital marketing services.

Leverage Technology to Improve Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry stands out amongst the most vital ventures worldwide. With copious amounts of data coming in and out along with patients and files every day, technology and artificial intelligence solutions benefit the industry to automate processes while keeping patient information secure and confidential.

IT & Technology Consulting

All of your software, systems, and data are safe and secure with our IT and technology specialists. When making the digital transformation, we will offer a consultation on how to implement the software.

Third Party Integration

LionO360 can integrate third party programs such as Microsoft365 and Outlook calendars so schedules, communications, and patient information is located in one place and is easy to search and navigate.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

A cloud-based infrastructure allows employees to access and update the same program at the same time in multiple locations so all information is up to date. This software monitors security risks and threats so your business’s information stays secure.

B2B/B2C buying and selling

LionOBytes is a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs. We build consistently awesome e-commerce experiences that continue to charm users and keep them coming back.

eCommerce Development

From creating a professional design and selling a product, to taking payments for a service, our team can develop custom eCommerce websites for your business.

Application Development

We provide an unparalleled array of application development services that ease and smoothen the digital-led business transformation of e-commerce and retail enterprises.

Flawless Functioning

Our exceptional designs help the retail businesses to become safer, resilient, service-driven, and provide an impeccable level of customer experience.

Predict Future Trends and Increase Sales

Insurance is mainly focused on number, probabilities, and procuring clients. AI-driven infrastructure and software allows you to make informed and intelligent decisions when it comes to pricing insurance policies accordingly and predicting future claims.

Customer Relationship Management

Create individual customer profiles with information about their policy and a record of communication. When a customer calls to file a claim, quickly pull up their profile to quickly familiarize yourself with their policy and benefits resulting in customer satisfaction.

Trend Predictions

Artificial intelligence technology examines and analyzes data to identify patterns and trends to make predictions for the future of your company. This data provides you the tools to make informed and intelligent decisions regarding sales and policies.

Field Service Management

Insurance agents can easily update a customer’s profile and create a report while in away from the office investigating an insurance claim with a cloud-based mobile application that can be accessed and updated from anywhere.

Automate Sales and Secure Data

LionOBytes offers automated sales and business processes to accelerate and expand telecommunication and wireless businesses. With customizable CRM, customer service, warehouse management, and e-commerce services, all business data is stored in one place and easily accessible due to a cloud-based platform.

Automated Sales Process

Sales agents can increase their sales and productivity with automated communication, reminders, and follow-ups with potential clients. Seamlessly nurture leads through the sales funnel and maximize sales.

Data Analytics

View business data on automatically curated easy-to-read charts and reports to make informed and intelligent decisions when it comes to improving your business structure and processes.

Protect Customer Data

Prevent large data breaches and keep your customer’s personal information safe and secure with the latest encrypted socket layer technology. Security risks and threats are automatically identified and resolved so business can proceed.


We have a long history of working with government projects and, since day one, have supported the public sector as our valued client and partner. We’ve worked together to deliver innovative solutions, solve complex challenges, achieve better outcomes and add value.

Our Solutions

We’ve delivered large scale, national operations, as well as solutions to achieve specific outcomes. All our solutions are uniquely structured, but consistent ‒ in terms of governance and reporting.

Flawless Service

We focus on the delivery of support services to local authorities, including IT and digital transformation, regulatory and planning services.

Scalable Services

Our solutions are uniquely structured for local and central government, that can be used across sectors.

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